Could Vaping be a Long-Term Smoking Cessation Tool?

According to a brand-new study set for publication next month in the Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology Journal— vaping has a legitimate case for being used as a long-term smoking cessation tool.

Apart from the unhealthy act of smoking, 209 “healthy” smokers took part in the study that set out to better understand the effects of long-term vaping in relation to lung function.

Per the study, all participants were screened and cleared of any abnormalities. Next, the participants were given a vaping device called, “Puritane” and were instructed to use it as their main vaporizer for the 24-month duration of the study. Understanding that dual-use is a common behavior with life-long smokers taking up vaping for the first time, the study allowed for the continued use of smoking traditional cigarettes, as long as the participants vaped at least 80% of the time.

It didn’t take long before the first wave of data was revealed. In a matter of months, two to be exact, researchers reported nicotine withdrawal symptoms dropping off significantly as well as a decrease in the number of traditional cigarettes smoked among all participants.

After the 24-month study was complete, those that completed the study showed no signs of adverse changes in biomarkers of hematology (infection, disease or environmental exposure) or abnormal lipid metabolism (disorders caused by the accumulation of lipids).

According to researchers, “the frequency of adverse events steadily decreased throughout the study. That, coupled with the lack of observed damage to lung function suggests that vaping is a useful harm reduction tool.”

The study conducted by the Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology Journal is not the only one of its kind. A study conducted out of the University of Louisville found that smokers have the best chance at kicking their smoking habit when vaping as opposed to using subscription drugs like Chantix. Another study found that over have (52%) of daily vapers eventually quit smoking for good, according to an article published on

So, are you still wondering if making the switch to vaping is safe long-term?

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2 thoughts on “Could Vaping be a Long-Term Smoking Cessation Tool?

  1. Thank you Craig. We appreciate your efforts to promote the vaping industry as there are some fake research claims circulating around the internet accusing vaping to be more harmful than traditional smoking which is FALSE. I counselled almost 70% of my friends and they switched to vaping and quit smoking cigarettes. Believe me most of them said our life just got easier and good. Keep on posting such stuff, We are regular reader of your blog. GREAT WORK.

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