A Revolution This Way Comes

Is it just me or does it seem like the British are one step ahead of the curve on virtually… EVERYTHING?

I mean, think of all the objects and/or items you utilize occasionally if not on a daily basis. Quite a bit, huh? Yeah, same here. Now do a quick Google or Yahoo! search on the origins of these items and I bet you’d be amazed at how many were conjured up and brought into existence by someone of British origin.

It’s really astonishing how revolutionary the Brits were, are… and will most likely continue to be.

Take the World Wide Web for example…

Apart from the Internet, which is a global system of networked computers invented in the USA, the World Wide Web, was invented by a British computer scientist named Time Berners-Lee. A system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the internet, the World Wide Web is the system behind the concept of web pages and websites. Just imagine not being able to access mtbakervapor.com. Where else would you buy your favorite Forest Berry Fusion E Juice in 30mL and 240mL? Pretty scary, huh? I get chills down my spine just thinking about it.

Or image if British inventor, John Logie Baird had never thought to create the world’s first television in 1925… how else would you be able to watch these awesome Mt Baker Vapor Product Spotlight videos?

From the steam locomotive to nearly every modern sport played around the world, the British have undoubtedly impacted the way we live with their revolutionary ways of thinking.

The type of thinking that has Ian Murison and Kaveh Memari on the precipice of greatness with their new stylish vape pen slated to kill traditional tobacco cigarettes for good.

It’s called AYR, pronounced like the “air” we breathe and it resembles a pack of cigarettes with a single cigarette inside, loaded with the equivalent of one cigarette’s worth of vaping liquid.

According to Wallpaper, an affiliate of Time Inc., Murison and Memari created the vape pen through their shared frustration with the state of e-cigarettes. While there are quite a few pens on the market today, most do a pretty poor job of recreating a “cigarette-like experience.”

Once you place the AYR cigarette back in the case it will automatically recharge and refill itself. One capsule for the package is good for 100 different sessions.

Pretty awesome stuff in the pipeline for vaping!


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