Is Your E-cig Battery and Charger Safe?

Whether you’re new to vaping or an experienced e-cig expert, you’ve probably been more than a little alarmed by recent news stories regarding exploding e-cig batteries. Unfortunately, these explosions haven’t been minor flashes and bangs, but rather serious incidents which have left people suffering from significant injuries and their property damaged. Obviously not all e-cig batteries do this, so how can you ensure that your e-cig battery isn’t going to go up in smoke? To minimize risk, we’ve come up with some sensible suggestions for helping to ensure your battery stays intact.

Use the Proper Charger

Some e-cig batteries are designed so that they can only be plugged into their charger, which is then attached to the relevant power supply. Some e-cigs can be plugged directly into a USB port, which is where problems can occur. A specialist charger includes an automatic cut off facility, which ensures the battery can’t carry on charging once it’s fully powered. If this safety feature is omitted in the connection process, the battery can just keep on absorbing power until it fails, which can result in less than favorable outcomes to say the least. Safe e-cigarettes require safe battery charging using a reputable, compatible charging device.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

The e-cig market is an extremely diverse one with new products and producers popping up almost daily. Often it’s unclear where these products have originated from, particularly if they’ve been imported and then sold through a U.S. website under a different brand. Cheaper imports can often lack the robust attention to safety and the understanding that safe e-cigarettes require safe battery charging, increasing the chances of battery malfunction at a later date. If you’re new to vaping, look at well-known sites for your supplies and take some time to read reviews on vaping products to get an idea of which brands have good reputations for reliability and high performance. An electronic cigarette charger or e-cig charger from a prestigious manufacturer with a successful track record of high caliber e-cig production is almost always the best option.

Avoid Battery Stacking

Battery stacking involves using two or more batteries rather than the industry specified single battery in an e-cig. This is often done as part of a “MOD” (modification), where end users customize their e-cigs in order to obtain a higher voltage or some other performance enhancement. Usually the voltage recommended by the manufacturer is the one which is most appropriate for the device. Safe e-cigarettes require safe battery charging and using the correct voltage. If you deviate from the manufacturer’s stipulations, the risk of an inevitable problem is increased and the manufacturer can’t be held responsible, so don’t do it!

Thankfully, exploding e-cig batteries are relatively rare. Provided you use premium e-cig products from a reputable site, there is very little risk of ending up with a battery which fails spectacularly. If you need a safe charger or an e-cig kit which is manufactured to a very high standard, then we have a selection worthy of your consideration.

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