Happy 10th Birthday Hashtag!

Man! 10 years?! I’m getting old. That’s right folks, the Hashtag as we know it is a decade old today. Twitter itself was founded in March 2006, while the hashtag actually originated from an avid user named Chris Messina. Chris had been attending a technology conference called Bar Camp; he was focusing on finding a way for people on Twitter to be able to find information about one particular subject as easily as possible.

Thus: the hashtag was born.

One of Twitter’s Founders, Evan Williams, originally thought this idea would be “too nerdy” to gain global success… but now the hashtag sees approximately 125 million uses on Twitter DAILY.  Seems like the nerdiness is exactly what the internet needed and wanted. Whether you find them annoying, overused or even a nuisance – there is no denying the effectiveness of a hashtag.  They have since grown from being solely on Twitter to also being used across FaceBook and Instagram (and probably other social media networks, as there is no shortage of those around here these days).

Read today’s blog by another one of Twitter’s founders regarding the inception of the hashtag here.

Fun facts!  The most tweeted TV Show as a hashtag: #TheWalkingDead and the most tweeted movie title as a hashtag: #StarWars. The 5 most commonly tweeted vaping related hashtags of all time: #Vaping #VapeOn #Vape #ecig and #VapeCloud.

Tell us your favorite vaping related hashtags in the comments below!


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