Happy Thanksgiving Quiz!

We hope all of our readers have a happy, healthy holiday tomorrow. But first! Have some fun; see if you know the answer to the questions below.

Rumor has it, Roto-Rooter, a plumbing service, has their busiest day on Black Friday. Why do you think this is?
What is the biggest drinking night of the year?
What song was originally written as a Thanksgiving song?
Roughly how many pounds of turkey do Americans consume on Thanksgiving?
What do you call a baby turkey?
Male turkeys, called “toms”, gobble as opposed to female hens which do what?
What causes a person to feel intoxicated after stuffing their face with turkey?

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2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Quiz!

  1. got all but one! the question: “Male turkeys, called “toms”, gobble as opposed to female hens which do what? i chose “yelp” because it is true. Yet, it said I was wrong!? they cackle?? My friend worked on a farm for a very long time and would absolutely agree with the yelping for females. It’s like a yelping, chirping sound. This website is wrong!!! lol.

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