Flavor Shots are Here!

This is what you’ve all been waiting for! Flavor shots are here (back with a bang, as they say) and ready for you to mix/match/enhance your vaping experience. Oh… and did we mention unflavored 240ml’s have hit the scene too?

Here is the run down – 20 of your favorite flavors are now available for purchase at $4.99/15ml bottle.

Afternoon Delight
Beast Treats
Berry Crunch Cereal
Blue Moo
Cinnamon Roll
Desert Rain
Extreme Ice
Forestberry Fusion
French Vanilla
Fruity Hoops
Green Apple
Hawk Sauce
Juicy Cube
Moo Juice
Thug Juice
USA Tobacco

You can add these drops of flavor into your favorite vape juice to enhance it, OR – we have 240ml Unflavored E Juice available for purchase where you can feel free to create your own flavor. The new Unflavored E Juice is available for $19.99 in a variety of nicotine and PG/VG levels.  We hope to expand our blend selections for the Unflavored E Juice going forward also.

Enjoy – and VAPE ON!

Questions, comments? Share in the space below!

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12 thoughts on “Flavor Shots are Here!

  1. Quick question, on average how many drops would be needed to flavor a 30 ml bottle of unflavored juice? To the degree that you sell it that is! Thank you!

    1. It comes down to your preference. We recommend maybe adding a little, if it’s not enough, add more, etc – the beauty of these products is you have the freedom to enjoy the flavors however you see fit. 🙂

    2. Depends on the flavor but for most it’s between 15% and 25%. Extreme Ice you might use 4ml in a 30ml bottle and afternoon delight you might use 8ml in a 30ml bottle

      1. Thanks! I was wondering how much I would need if I wanted to make a big custom blend batch with the 240ml unflavored. This gives me a good idea of quantity needed 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Where’s the butterscotch????? I love that y’all are doing this and I can’t wait till you add my beloved favorite!

  3. Very happy that there is now a DIY option again!! Thank you. You guys are the best, I’ve been a loyal customer since I first saw you guys at a vape convention in Las Vegas a few years back.

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