Flavor Friday Features Afternoon Delight, Fruity Hoops, and Razzleberry

Flavor Friday

Hello all, welcome to another Flavor Friday, a day where we go in depth with new flavors and flavors that are a diamond in the rough. Today we will be discussing Afternoon Delight, Fruity Hoops, and Razzleberry. What we like about these flavors, what they taste like to us, and we would love to hear what you think about these flavors if you have recently tried them.


Afternoon Delight E-Juice


Pack your bags, it’s time to feel like you are on vacation! Kick your feet up and vape some delicious tropical fruits. With strong notes of coconut and pineapple and more subtle undertones of banana, this flavor is sure to send you on a mental vacation. The initial inhale will have a strong fruity blend flavor, and as you exhale you will get a nice final hint of banana in the end. Makes you want to Hawaii and have a delicious drink.

Opinion of MBV Customer: Goomage

“Great adv. Nice mix of coconut on the inhale, banana with a hint of pineapple on the exhale. I mix it with guava for an extra kick.”


Fruity Hoops E-Juice

fruity_hoops__91537.1402356661.500.750Fruity Hoops e-juice is a delectably sweet and fruity vape! Recognize the objects in the photo? Oh yes… Fruit Loops.. Nom nOm! Breakfast foods in your vape… what? CrAzy! This is a definite, and all over mouthwatering, flavor that will help you start off any difficult morning.

Opinion of MBV Customer: N/A

“This is definitely one of my new favorites! Mmm tastes just like Fruit Loops :p Does have a bit of bubblegum flavor, but the more it steeps, the better the mixture with the fruity flavors! Tastes a bit like Trix cereal as well!”


Razzleberry E-Juice


Razzleberry tastes like a wonderful combination of summer berries… No, this is not meant to be a like a fruit smoothie. This is actually a wonderful berry mix, it starts with a sweet raspberry taste ending with a blackberry tart flavor, creating a wonderful overall fruity berry vape.

Opinion of MBV Customer: Birdiehaynes

“I tried this straight out of the envelope and WOW! I love it. This is my first venture away for tobacco flavors and I am so excited about trying more flavors. I ordered 1 extra flavor shot. The taste is a very good mixed berry and right after exhale, you get a slight berry aroma which disappears in a second or two. It produces a great amount of vapor. I just place another order and got another bottle of Razzleberry, and am trying Strawberry and Gummi Bear. Thanks Mt. Baker Vapor, you guys are AWESOME!”

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