FDA Fear

The comment period for U.S. citizens to give their testimonies to the Federal Drug Administration’s on their impending regulations is over. What this means for us as an industry is we now get to hurry up and wait and see how we are going to be regulated. In some ways, this can help the industry, but on the more scary side, these regulations could be devastating.

Perhaps with perfect regulation, we will simply have to adapt to rules the independent e-cig industry already agrees with; the rules include things like no sales to minors, not advertising on television, not sponsoring events catering to children. Overall, regulations against actually marketing to children are rules we agree with.

However, over regulation is something the independent industry does and should be afraid of. Restricting flavors, which has been shown to actually help people quit smoking. One of the many talking points the anti-vaping community is that enjoyable flavors are simply illusions to lure young folks into vaping. Also any kind of gift or free sample would be off the table. The entire industry, when it comes to vape conventions would be different. So far as to not allow vaping. A vape convention with no vaping would be interesting.

What can you do?

Well unless you work for the FDA and can directly influence the regulations, not a whole lot. However, we can all adapt and be the regulations we want to see. Here are some general ideas on vaping around none vapers.

Vaping is an extremely visual habit and when it becomes a hobby can be even more of a spectacle. Whether the mod you are using is a simple ego or a iTaste 134, people see these mods and immediately form their opinions on vaping.

As a community we can take steps to make more of these opinions positive rather than negative. The biggest and most effective way to make sure vaping remains in the positive spotlight is not to be a person who blows huge clouds of vapor wherever they are.

Cloud chasing is a competitive activity among vapers, they compete to see who can create the largest clouds. For those who partake it’s a great activity, but for everyday street activity or a bar that allows vaping, the general public seems to consider it rude.

Be aware of where your vapor goes. The community knows what the e-juices are made of while the general public is committed to believing e-cigs to be death. The public seems to equate vapor with smoke and may get offended by smelling, tasting or even feeling it in the area.

Staying positive and acting accordingly will help us with the regulation battle.


Co-Founder of Mt Baker Vapor. Love e cigs and everything they have to offer. I have three kids and a wonderful wife. Also enjoy dirt bike riding, poker, and street bikes.

6 thoughts on “FDA Fear

  1. I am a 67 year old woman who had smoked for 50 years. Note I said had, well I had tried everything from hypnoises, to gum, patches and lozenges to no avail. Then I was given a ecig and juice from my sister who was worried about me. I thought well I will give it a try. I have NOT had a cigarette since September 1, 2013. My doctor is so happy as there is no more wheezing in my lungs. I have more engergy and just feel so much better. I hope that the FDA will think of the benefits of vaping and not do what they have done with cigarette sales, as if they do I know that this whole thing is about money and not what really helps people. I have gone from 24mg nicotine to 12 in less than a year.

  2. After smoking for nearly 60 years, I quit for good a year ago on my birthday. I did not believe it would work, just like all the other methods I employed to quit smoking. I was happily surprized when the first two puffs chased away the craving. I was on my way to the store for a pack of cigarettes when I instead pulled into the parking lot of the vape store. I have yet to purchase cigarettes. I agree, not smart to blow vapor at others. Same as not blowing smoke at them. Nonsmokers are entitled to their likes. Be descrete and thoughtful when vaping. The novelty phase of vaping will pass, as do most fads, while the benefits will be proven in time. FDA intervention is neither needed or wanted

  3. From what I understand, the only way you can be regulated under the proposed rules is if your product contains nicotine. If you guys were to change all of your e-liquids to completely nicotine-free, wouldn’t you be exempt from the regulations? Also, since the mods/tanks do not contain nicotine on their own, it seems they should not be affected by the regulations either. Was just curious about this.

    1. You are entirely correct, but that would completely contradict what we are about. We are trying to help people not only find a better way to support their nicotine craving, but if they wish, our site is able to help them wean off the nicotine and help them kick the habit if they would like. As for the hardware, unfortunately they are tied with nicotine products and will placed in the same category. FDA has silly rules which we unfortunately can only blindly follow to remain in operation once certain regulations go into effect. But it really depends on what they decide and we can always sway the vote with a large support group.

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