Dear Summit – Labor Day

Hello, vape fans!  In this week’s Dear Summit, we are discussing what Labor Day is and why it is a holiday we celebrate.  

Why was labor day created?  Labor Day was built for the labor movement and is a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the workers in America.  It is a tribute to the workers who have made our country stronger, more prosperous, and improved the well-being of our nation.

Labor Day first was created on 1882.  Labor Day was celebrated on September 5th which was a Tuesday and Wednesday for the first two years.  The following year, it was switched to the first Monday of September every year.  The first city to celebrate it was New York City and then by 1894 23 states joined in with the celebration of their workers.

There is a discussion about who was the first person who proposed having Labor Day.  Peter J. McGuire is thought to have suggested it but with recent research, Matthew Maguire introduced it in 1882.  We do not have a definite answer as to who started it, but we do know that the reason behind it was to celebrate everyone’s hard work in building this amazing country.


Peter J. McGuire and Matthew Maguire


At Mt Baker Vapor, we celebrate Labor Day and all the hard work that the employees have done for everyone.  Our customer service will still be open, but the rest of the company will have the day off. Your orders might be backed up a day, but they will not stay backed up.  We will be back in on Tuesday working hard to get your orders out!  We hope everyone has a safe and fun/relaxing weekend!


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