What’s Your Vape of Choice?

We’ve decided to mix it up a little bit – we are looking for you to share your stories! Did you quit smoking and turn to vaping? What was your very first mod or e-cigarette when you started vaping? Do you still use it? What do/did you like about it?

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Vaping Abroad – Part 4

From 30 Year Smoker to Marathon Runner; A Truly Inspiring Tale of How E-Cigarettes Changed This UK Man’s Life

Chris Baxter had been a smoker for 30 years when he finally realized it was time to make the switch. Like many smokers, he had tried and failed to quit many times, but after seeing somebody vaping in a local pub, he became curious about E-Cigarettes and decided to give them a try. The story attached is an inspirational tale of how vaping let Chris go from a 58 year old man that would get wheezy from climbing a flight of stairs, to a man who has now completed two marathons.

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Heat, not burn?

Could the FDA rule change push smokers to vaping?

If you are new to vaping, all you need to know is that e-cigarettes heat liquid nicotine, which then becomes vapor. They don’t contain carbon monoxide and tar, which are just some of the many chemicals in cigarettes that can severely compromise a person’s health.

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Vape A Vet Awareness

Have you heard of The Vape A Vet Project? Founded in 2013, this 501c3 organization has provided vaping materials to our service men and women across the world at little/no cost to these brave individuals. The founder of Vape A Vet was a smoker of 15 years who made the switch to e-cigarettes and wanted to help active duty/veteran military members pursue an alternative lifestyle change as well.

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The British Are Coming!

“THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING!” shouted Paul Revere in 1775 as he galloped through the streets of Concord, Massachusetts, warning unsuspecting colonist of the impending danger that awaited them. Had it not been for Revere’s daring midnight ride, the Colonial forces would have surely met a severe thumping.

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Focus Piece: Mom’s Who Vape

About a week ago, we posted a shoutout to any vaping mothers who follow us here at Mt Baker Vapor.  The feedback we received was overwhelming and we have been given permission by these 5 amazing mothers to share their narratives. Our interest in their stories come from wanting to find out more about our customers, in addition to having the desire to show the world a demographic that rarely receives focus from within our industry. We hope these 5 commentaries inspire you, educate you, perhaps even challenge you to share your own.

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A Year in Review: Mt Baker Vapor in Arizona

It’s been just a year since our relocation to Arizona from Washington State. It feels like it was just yesterday and ages ago at the same time. It has been extremely eventful, and challenging at times. Moving a company across multiple state lines (and to the opposite climate) is no small feat, but Mt Baker Vapor has made it work. Check out our Arizona year in review!

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