Veterans Day Vaping: Giving Back

America has been at at war for 222 out of 239 years the country has existed, and 93% of our history. In terms of money, all American wars have cost us just shy of 7 trillion dollars. In terms of soldiers, almost 3 million American soldiers have died in the line of duty since 1775. Added to these quantitative costs, civilians and family members of soldiers have undergone massive losses and sacrifices. War has affected every American family somehow since the genesis of the country. This Veterans Day, we ask that you, gentle reader, do something special for a veteran.

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Environmentalism and Vaping: The Overlooked Devastation of Cigarettes

There is no question that cigarettes are unhealthy. The health effects of inhaling combusted smoke are well-documented and horrific; it is the number one preventable cause of death globally. An overlooked aspect of smoking’s devastation is the environmental impact. Cultivation of the plant, production of the paper cigarettes, chemical processes, and mind-blowing torrents of pollution add to smoking’s long list of offenses. Environmentalism and vaping are not typically paired, but let us investigate the environmental effects of vaping versus combustion.

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Vapor Visuals: Hieroglyphic Trail

Howdy vape fans! This weeks installment of Vapor Visuals takes us on a journey to Gold Canyon and the south side of the Superstition Mountains to hike the Hieroglyphic Trail. We check out some really cool Petroglyphs left by the ancient Hohokam Indians, who inhabited this desert region up to 1,500 years ago! Continue reading “Vapor Visuals: Hieroglyphic Trail”

Tongue Tired? A Fellow Vaper’s Guide to Vaper’s Tongue

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ve probably heard of “Vaper’s Tongue.” If you haven’t, I can almost guarantee you’ve experienced it. It’s not a condition that only affects vapers. It applies to everything you’ve ever smelled or tasted. The first thing to know about it is that it’s completely normal.

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Mt Baker Vapor Halloween Photos

Greetings vape fans, and Happy Halloween! This is undoubtedly one of our favorite times of the year. There are just so many great things to love about Halloween; “bonfires burning bright, pumpkin faces in the night.” From pumpkin carving and binge eating our favorite candy to visiting haunted houses and going to costume parties. We tried to bring the spirit of the season into the office this year, and have put together a collection of Mt Baker Vapor Halloween photos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Continue reading “Mt Baker Vapor Halloween Photos”

Vaping Women: Something’s Gotta Give

Women are no strangers to double-standards and inequality. Though many vapers experience scrutiny and prejudice, women receive harsher judgment than men. Perhaps this has to do with cultural perceptions from smoking stereotypes, lingering like the stench and ash of a stubbed cigarette. Maybe it has to do with the way vaping is marketed. In the petri-dish of a new market, many gender issues are exposed, and if the vaping community fails to reform, vaping may be a permanent boy’s club.

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Rural Vaping: Roughin’ It

Rural vapers are a bigger demographic than you might think. Only 3% of the world’s surface is urban. 3.86 billion people (53% of the world’s human population) are crammed into that geographic 3%. For the other 97% of the world, brick-and-mortar shops can be hard to come by. For 3.44 billion people, online sales of vaping products may be their only option.

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Vapor Visuals

At Mt Baker Vapor we take a lot of pictures. We post a lot of content to our Instagram and as of late have kind of become obsessed with Snapchat. Not to mention we have a lot of great e-juice graphics and Facebook posts. With all of our vape related pictures we decided it would be a good idea to bring you the best Mt. Baker Vapor visuals in the form of a regular photo blog. Please enjoy some of the best imagery Mt Baker Vapor has to offer.

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