Vaping Safety- What You Need to Know!

We all have a vested interest in vaping safety. If someone gets hurt while vaping, it hurts the user, and the vaping community as a whole. If we want to keep vaping in the free world, we need to stay up to date on safety. Here is a list of great vaping safety tips!

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Vaping in the Wilderness: A Survival Guide

There are a million situations in which spontaneity and surprise are fun things. A survival situation is not one of them! The next time you find yourself in a wilderness setting and things go sideways, always remember the tiniest things can provide the biggest benefits! Possibly life-saving benefits, even. That mod in your pocket may just get you by in a wilderness-survivial situation!

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What Do You Think of Vaping? [QUIZ]

My idea of the public perception may be a little skewed. Most of the people in my life are vapers, who can’t say enough good things about vaping. If the people in my life represented the country or the world, vape bans wouldn’t be a thing. I’ve decided to take it to the people! Take our quiz, and we’ll get a better understanding of what you think of vaping!

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Best Political Ideologies to Vape To

As you are probably very well aware, it’s an election year. Political flame-wars are currently 100% of your social media content, and everyone has a precious viewpoint that simply must be heard. The time has come to list the most pro-vaping political ideologies.

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Vaping Regulations by State: Ted Talks Trash on Tyranny

In this week’s installment of our critique of regulations and associated vape laws, we take a look at a couple creative ways the individual states have jumped on the tobacco money-train. For the most part, states have waited to punch their ticket to ride. But, as you might think, once the train starts a-rollin, it almost never slows down. And it certainly has not. So without delay, here is an early look at what is in the works on a state level.

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Anti-Vaping Politicians: Do Democrats Hate Vaping?

If you’ve followed the war on vaping, you may have noticed a little trend. The vast majority of anti-vaping politicians are Democrats. The staunchest supporters of electronic cigarettes seem to be free-market Republicans and right-leaning libertarians. Why is this? Today, I’ll explore the Democratic Party, past and present, to explain this political phenomenon.

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A Year in Review: Mt Baker Vapor in Arizona

It’s been just a year since our relocation to Arizona from Washington State. It feels like it was just yesterday and ages ago at the same time. It has been extremely eventful, and challenging at times. Moving a company across multiple state lines (and to the opposite climate) is no small feat, but Mt Baker Vapor has made it work. Check out our Arizona year in review!

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A Celebration of Figgs!

Over the past year, the MBV marketing crew has had the pleasure of working with one of the most kind, talented, and outgoing co-workers someone could ask for. Andrew Figgs has been a source of creativity and a model for consistent work ethic. He’s soon to be making his way back to the home-state of Washington, but on his last day here with us, we thought we’d look back at our favorite Figgs moments.

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Vapor Visuals: It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

Hey there Vape fan, Welcome back to another Vapor Visuals. Unfortunately, this will be my last Vapor Visuals with you all. The time has come for me to say goodbye. I have decided to move back to where my heart lies, Washington State. I have enjoyed being able share my photography and voice with all of you over these past few years. Continue reading “Vapor Visuals: It’s Hard To Say Goodbye”

Take Part in a Vaping Study!

A common hang-up in the public perception of vaping is a lack of data. This industry is very new, in the scheme of things, so this should come as no surprise. The solution: research! Take part in the Moffitt Cancer Center’s Nationwide E-Cigarette Study to contribute to vaping research, and a more scientific public view of vaping!

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