Vapor Visuals

At Mt Baker Vapor we take a lot of pictures. We post a lot of content to our Instagram and as of late have kind of become obsessed with Snapchat. Not to mention we have a lot of great e-juice graphics and Facebook posts. With all of our vape related pictures we decided it would be a good idea to bring you the best Mt. Baker Vapor visuals in the form of a regular photo blog. Please enjoy some of the best imagery Mt Baker Vapor has to offer.

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Interview with Dr. Michael Siegel, Public Health Professor at Boston University

Vaping propaganda is something that our community has been trying to fight against for a long time. Thankfully, there are a number of intelligent voices doing their best to dispel the FUD. Dr. Michael Siegel is one of those voices. His blog The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary is one of the best resources for anyone that wants to delve into the world of vaping and public policy.

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Important Message From CASAA Concerning HR 2058 and FDA Regulations

As we have covered before in this blog, the United States vaping community currently has an outstanding opportunity to let their voice be heard in the fight for vaping rights. The U.S. Congress is considering HR 2058, a bill that would change the proposed FDA grandfather date for newly deemed tobacco products. If left unchanged, these deeming regulations could severely restrict the amount of hardware and juice vaping consumers have access to. Showing your support offers one of the best ways to influence public policy.

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Fighting for Vaping Rights with Pamela Gorman of NJOY

If you haven’t heard the news, last week we announced a partnership with two manufacturers to bring you an even greater selection of e-juice at We’re excited about this opportunity not only because it allows us to better serve our customers, but also because it strengthens the the vaping community by combining the forces of three great companies.

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Big Tobacco and Vaping: It’s Complicated.

With a mountain of money behind them, it seems logical that Big Tobacco would capitalize on the surging vaping market. Some have alleged the vaping industry is completely backed by the largest tobacco companies, that Big Tobacco is a puppeteer turning smokers and vapers against each other, profiting from both opposing views. Billions of dollars and international clout poise Big Tobacco for control and profit in this industry. We have investigated the relationship between Big Tobacco and vaping, with some alarming findings.

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The Vaping Community is Awesome

There seems to be a bit of negativity about the vaping community today. It doesn’t concern impending government regulations. Or the mounting pile of ridiculous anti-vaping propaganda. It doesn’t have anything to do with questionable counterfeit hardware, and there have been no damning health research papers.

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Famous Quotes Against Smoking

With the controversy surrounding the Great Vape Debate, it’s easy to lose sight of the bottom line: Vaping is about getting people away from cigarettes. Vaping is a smoking alternative, which has helped a huge number of our customers give up cigarettes. Tobacco has hooked some larger-than-life people, and some of history’s most colorful characters have been smokers. Some quit, and some died of smoking-related illness.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite quotes against smoking, with some context around the characters to add depth to their statements.

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