6 Best Vaping Infographics on the Internet

Infographics offer one of the best ways to spread information over the Internet. Their attractive design, creative formatting, and inherent link-ability offer the perfect recipe for viral adoption. We are committed to using these tools as a way to fight anti-vaping propaganda and misinformation. Spread this collection of the internet’s best vaping infographics wherever you can, vape fans! Knowledge is contagious…

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Media Support for Vaping Picks Up Steam

It’s no secret that the media has had a troubled relationship with vaping. They promote anti-vaping propaganda and have overplayed negative news stories as opposed to vaping success stories. When one hapless newbie’s homemade flashlight mod explodes in a hot car, you’ll be sure to hear about it. But when vapers flood the Surgeon General’s Facebook page with vaping success stories…not a peep.

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Vaping Types: Which Type(s) are YOU?

The vaping community is unabashedly weird, and wildly diverse. Amongst this diversity, distinct vaping types have emerged. Though categorizing vapers is overly simplistic, it is impossible to ignore the colorful characters we’ve encountered in this industry. What type (or types) of vaper do you identify with?

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Dear Summit: Living in Arizona and New Customer Options

Welcome back, vape fans! It’s been a while since we checked in and I have a lot to talk about, so let’s get going on some frequently asked questions!

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Vaping and Mental Illness: Is there Hope?

The mentally ill are overlooked, dismissed, and stigmatized by society. Public stigma is so intense that many people suffering from mental health issues hesitate to get the help they need. Mentally ill people have harder times holding down jobs and managing adult responsibility. An astounding number of of these folks end up in prison, psych wards, or on the streets. They also happen to be much more likely to smoke. This contributes to the fact that they are expected to live one to three decades shorter than people without mental illness.

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