Vaping in Mexico, What You Need To Know!

Vaping is gaining support in the United States as politicians and the community gain more education on the industry. Unfortunately, Mexican lawmakers have choked the industry, allowing traditional nicotine products to flourish as a monopoly. If you’re considering a vacation or an expatriation, there are some things you should consider before vaping in Mexico. Continue reading “Vaping in Mexico, What You Need To Know!”

Mt Baker Vapor’s Facebook Survey Results

We want to know more about you, our customer! After all, you are the most important aspect of Mt Baker Vapor! For the past few months, we have been posting daily survey questions on Facebook. If you haven’t had a chance to participate, IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Simply click on the post date and you will be directed to that specific post to vote! Thank you for helping us improve!

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Mt Baker Vapor, Post-Deeming Regulations

August 8, 2016 was a heavy day for the vape industry. The much-dreaded FDA Deeming Regulations went into effect, and many critics saw the doom of the entire vape industry. These regulations lumped vaping products under the umbrella of “Tobacco Products.” Though Mt Baker Vapor saw some challenges, we have weathered the storm. Here’s an update of what’s changed about our company since the Deeming Regulations went into effect:

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Landon Simon Competes in Chili Bowl Nationals 2017!

Mt Baker Vapor’s own Landon Simon is competing in the 2017 Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals 2017! Landon and Mt Baker Vapor have been working together since 2013. His formidable #24 Mt Baker Vapor sprintcar is competing in the event, and we hope you’re as stoked about this competition as we are!

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A Billion Lives Premiere!

The time has come. A Billion Lives, Aaron Biebert’s long-awaited documentary on vaping, and the corrupted bureaucracy trying to snuff it out, hits theaters tonight! This is far from just a film premiere. This is a nationally recognized movement that calls attention to the prospective billion lives lost to tobacco.

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A Billion Lives Documentary in Theaters October 26th!

A lot of people think vaping is the best thing since sliced bread. Some people get so into vaping that it becomes the defining aspect of their personality. The past five years have proven that vaping is more than a fad, or a flash in the pan. Filmmaker Aaron Biebert brings the global phenomenon of vaping to the big screen with his ambitious documentary, A Billion Lives!

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Presidential Candidates on Vaping

It’s an election year. That means people have a heightened sensitivity to political issues, and the country becomes suddenly very polarized. One issue that has not been addressed? Vaping. Today, we weigh in on the presidential and vice presidential candidates, and project how good or bad they may be for the vaping community.

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Mt Baker Vapor Sponsors 2016 Vapor Dynasty Expo!

Mt Baker Vapor returns to the Vapor Dynasty Expo, this year as a Silver Sponsor! The convention takes place in Mesa, Arizona on November 18th through the 20th, at the Arizona Event Center. Mt Baker Vapor will be there with our world-famous e liquids, so come say hello!

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Retail Store Timeline: From Lobby to Luxury

In the past year, our lobby has transformed into a magnificent retail shop. A lot of planning, designing, and old-fashioned elbow grease went into the transformation, and we wanted to give a look inside of the shop’s development. Here’s a photographic timeline of our retail shop, and some of the hard work that went into it!

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