Interview with Landon Simon [VIDEO]

Landon Simon shines a light on the world of sprint car and midget car racing, which is a mystery to much of the public. Our esteemed Mt Baker Vapor crew went to the 2017 Chili Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with Landon Simon. Watch our video for insights into a riveting form of racing!

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5 Outrageous Depictions of Vapers [VIDEO]

The public’s reaction to vape culture has ranged from bemused to outraged. As we’ve covered before, the public isn’t quite sure what to make of this new-fangled vaping thing. From that confusion comes some bizarre caricatures and truly baffling vaping videos. Here are my favorite five outrageous depictions of vapers:

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Product Spotlight: House of Hybrids Subtank Nano Replacement O Rings

Welcome back to another week of Mt Baker Vapor’s Product Spotlight Videos! This week, we’re looking at colorful addition to one of the most portable and functional tanks in vaping history: the Kanger Subtank Nano. These House of Hybrids Subtank Nano Replacement O Rings are the perfect accessory to add a splash of personality to your favorite tank.

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Breaking News! Retail Store Grand Opening

You heard it here, folks! Mt Baker Vapor’s Grand Opening is happening this Saturday, the 27th of August, from 10am to 8pm. Come on down to 4049 E. Presidio St. Mesa, Arizona 85215  to delight in our flavors, games, food, and sales! In honor of this most splendid of retail events, we’ve made a poignant short film:

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Vaping Versus FDA: Tristan Pope Interviews Azim

Anti-vaping legislation is so complex, you need to be a lawyer to know what’s going on. Luckily, we have a lawyer! Mt Baker Vapor has worked closely with Azim Chowdhury in regards to the Right To Be Smoke Free Coalition, and he is an expert in the field of vaping regulation. Tristan Pope of ALT TAB ME presents a long-form interview with Azim on the subject of vaping versus FDA:

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FDA: Living Long Enough to Become the Villain

You may have heard about the FDA’s recent Deeming Regulations, which impose unreasonable restrictions and fees to the fledgling vaping industry. To understand these regulations, one must see the historical context of the FDA. Watch the video below to learn about the FDA!

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Goliath V2: The Perfect Build

Building and wicking your RTA can be a pain but the benefits are worth it. I love my Goliath V2 and I use it every day. I like it because I can save money on coils and change my wicks as often as I like. I also use a build that gives me just the right amount of airflow, never leaks and never gives me a dry hit, even with intense chain vaping. Today I’m going to show you my everyday build for my favorite RTA.

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Mt Baker Vapor’s “Say My Name” Video- Spring Sale

We like to have a little fun here at Mt Baker Vapor.

We’ve prepared a smiling homage to Breaking Bad with our Say My Name video. Keep in mind, we haven’t performed any of Walter White’s atrocities. Nonetheless, we are on the top of the vape game. We’ve made a desert empire here in Mesa, Arizona.

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