Ownlife Vapor Episode 96: Presidential Candidates on Vaping

Tim and Ted infer the positions the four presidential candidates and two vice presidential candidates could have on the topic of vaping. Since none of the candidates have made public statements on vaping, all we can do is interpret their track records and statements on regulation. Also included: A chat with Tim and Renee from Blackbeard’s Brew, who carry a mind-blowing array of e liquids on our site.

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5 Outrageous Depictions of Vapers [VIDEO]

The public’s reaction to vape culture has ranged from bemused to outraged. As we’ve covered before, the public isn’t quite sure what to make of this new-fangled vaping thing. From that confusion comes some bizarre caricatures and truly baffling vaping videos. Here are my favorite five outrageous depictions of vapers:

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Ownlife Vapor Podcast Episode 95: Are the FDA Regulations Unconstitutional?

Tim and Ted ramble and free-associate about the constitutionality of the FDA vape regulations in today’s Ownlife Vapor Podcast. Ted walks us through Innokin’s eight-part lawsuit against the FDA, and Tim describes the real costs of the FDA’s PMTAs. Also included: tangents.

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Ownlife Vapor Podcast Episode 94: Vape Regulations by State

Welcome back, vape fans, to another episode of the Ownlife Vapor Podcast, brought to you by the good folks at Mt Baker Vapor. This week, Tim introduces Ted, our graphic designer. Tim and Ted talk solar energy, and walk you through some of the stickier State Regulations. Give it a listen!

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Photonic Solar E Liquid [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mt Baker Vapor has put our best foot forward from day one. To utilize Arizona’s most abundant and apparent resource, Mt Baker Vapor installed solar panels to cut energy costs and reduce our environmental impact. Photonic: Solar E Liquids are manufactured with the help of our newly-established solar panels, and sets a precedent for an eco-friendly vape industry future. Check out our very own Photonic Solar E Liquid Infographic!

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Product Spotlight: House of Hybrids Subtank Nano Replacement O Rings

Welcome back to another week of Mt Baker Vapor’s Product Spotlight Videos! This week, we’re looking at colorful addition to one of the most portable and functional tanks in vaping history: the Kanger Subtank Nano. These House of Hybrids Subtank Nano Replacement O Rings are the perfect accessory to add a splash of personality to your favorite tank.

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Ownlife Vapor Episode 93: Anti-Vaping Politicians

Tim and Kenny discuss the phenomena of anti-vaping politicians, and why the most outspoken anti-vaping politicians are democrats. We also bloviate extensively about the best political ideologies to vape to. Listen to the Ownlife Vapor Podcast on Soundcloud or iTunes!

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Breaking News! Retail Store Grand Opening

You heard it here, folks! Mt Baker Vapor’s Grand Opening is happening this Saturday, the 27th of August, from 10am to 8pm. Come on down to 4049 E. Presidio St. Mesa, Arizona 85215  to delight in our flavors, games, food, and sales! In honor of this most splendid of retail events, we’ve made a poignant short film:

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Vapor Visuals: It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

Hey there Vape fan, Welcome back to another Vapor Visuals. Unfortunately, this will be my last Vapor Visuals with you all. The time has come for me to say goodbye. I have decided to move back to where my heart lies, Washington State. I have enjoyed being able share my photography and voice with all of you over these past few years. Continue reading “Vapor Visuals: It’s Hard To Say Goodbye”