Episode 103 – Landon Simon Interview [CHILI BOWL 2017]

Our senior midget car correspondent Kenny Spotz performs an exclusive field interview with the Number 24 midget car racer, Landon Simon! Mt Baker Vapor proudly sponsors Landon, and wishes him luck on his new season.

Hear Landon’s racing insights, strategies, and what vaping means to him!

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Interview with Landon Simon [VIDEO]

Landon Simon shines a light on the world of sprint car and midget car racing, which is a mystery to much of the public. Our esteemed Mt Baker Vapor crew went to the 2017 Chili Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with Landon Simon. Watch our video for insights into a riveting form of racing!

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Episode 102: The Ongoing War with the FDA/Pro Art Vapor

The Ownlife Vapor podcast recaps the current state of lawsuits aimed at the FDA Deeming Regulations, and the current calm-before-the-storm as Trump prepares to take office. Aaron from Pro Art and #ParrotNation comes on to discuss his company’s orgins, and his unique perspective as a small business owner in the regulated environment.

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Episode 101 – Dr. Michael Siegel, Vape Advocacy Champion

Tim has a long-form interview with Dr. Michael Siegel, who is perhaps the greatest authority on vape advocacy. We discuss his history with tobacco control and public health, why anti-vaping propaganda exists, and the cloudy future of the vaping industry.

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Episode 99: Dave Talks Dynasty, Vape Gravy, and Vaping Community.

The Ownlife Vapor podcast welcomes Dave Morris of Vape Gravy and Big White Bottle. Dave walks us through the history of Vape Gravy, with a recap of Vapor Dynasty Expo, and the peculiarities of the vape community. Video games, politics, and anarcho-syndicalism are also discussed.

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Ownlife Vapor Episode 98: President Trump on Vaping

Tim and Ted speculate on what Trump’s election means for the vaping industry, and cackle madly about the utter failure of the anti-vaping ad campaign, “Vape is a Lie.” Tim welcomes Lindsey and AJ from CREAM Vapor, who discuss the company’s origins, along with the FDA impact on their business.

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Ownlife Episode 97: The Brothers Webb

Tim interviews the Webb brothers: Jesse Webb, one of owners of Mt Baker Vapor, and Zac Webb, the Director of Facilities. They discuss the company’s humble beginnings, exponential growth, and the challenges presented by the FDA’s Deeming Rule. Also a discussion of Aaron Biebert’s vaping documentary, A Billion Lives.

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A Billion Lives Premiere!

The time has come. A Billion Lives, Aaron Biebert’s long-awaited documentary on vaping, and the corrupted bureaucracy trying to snuff it out, hits theaters tonight! This is far from just a film premiere. This is a nationally recognized movement that calls attention to the prospective billion lives lost to tobacco.

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Ownlife Vapor Episode 96: Presidential Candidates on Vaping

Tim and Ted infer the positions the four presidential candidates and two vice presidential candidates could have on the topic of vaping. Since none of the candidates have made public statements on vaping, all we can do is interpret their track records and statements on regulation. Also included: A chat with Tim and Renee from Blackbeard’s Brew, who carry a mind-blowing array of e liquids on our site.

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