USA-Made E-Juice Hype

What’s The Deal With USA-Made E-Juice?

You may have taken a look around vaping forums, and found that a lot of users talk about vaping only US-made e-liquid. It may be easy to shrug it off as extreme patriotism – bordering fanaticism.

But believe me, sticking with USA-made e-juice has less to do with patriotism (which isn’t bad in itself IMHO) and more to do with quality.

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Stocking Up on E-juice

Keeping Your e-juice ‘Juicy’ – Storage Tips

Nothing beats vaping after a hearty meal! But when you drew out your e-cigarette, you can only stare at it in horror: “I’m out of e-juice!”

Running out of e-liquid is one of the biggest and most common problems faced by vapers. As a solution, many have stocked up on their favorite e-juice flavors so they can keep smoking for weeks or months without any worry. But the question is: How long is the lifespan of e-juices? How do you store so the flavor is preserved for a long time?

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Where Did My Flavor Go?

e Liquid Losing Flavor? Things You Can Do

Your e-juice bottles of Hawk Sauce, Blue Moo, Demon Energy and  have just been delivered. Sweet! Now you have more than 2 weeks worth of great-tasting e-juice – nothing to worry about, life is good.

You took a long drag and savored that oh-so-flavorful vapor. But by the third or fourth drag, the vape has become cool and the flavor has turned very bland. With every draw, the vape tastes more and more like flavorless nicotine.

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DIY E-Juice Basics [UPDATE]

Making Your Own Premium e Juice – The Risks

The sky is the limit as far as e-juice flavors go. Companies offer all kinds of flavors, but sometimes we all want something unique to us and fills the perfect flavor; it’s called DYI E-juice.

With a few ingredients and a bit of mixing, you can treat your throat and tastebuds to the perfect vaping experience. But as you’ll learn later, making your own e-cigarette juice isn’t as easy as one initially thinks.

Update: As of August 4th, 2016, DIY Supplies are no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Shipping FAQ

Mt Baker Vapor Shipping FAQ

At Mt Baker Vapor we offer a variety of shipping options to our customers. The shipping method you choose does not affect how quickly your order is fulfilled. A large majority of the time, your order will be processed in 24 hours. In some situations though, it may take up to 3 days or longer to process and ship your order. Our packages are packaged discretely for your security. Continue reading “Shipping FAQ”

Mt Baker Vapor Storewide Sale to Celebrate New Years!


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Mt Baker is Moving!

Mt Baker Vapor is moving! In light of the move our website will be shut down from Sunday, December 8, 2013 3:30 PST to Tuesday, December 10, 2013 3:30 PST so we can get moved and back to mixing juice as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions by commenting below or e-mailing! Thanks again.

Cinnamon Flavors

Greetings from Mt. Baker Vapor!

We wanted to bring you guys up to speed on whats happening with the cinnamon flavorings. As you already may know, we had pulled our cinnamon flavors due to an overwhelming concern that was expressed to us by our customer base.

To ensure the quality of our product and the safety of our customers, we chose to pull our cinnamon flavors until further investigation could be performed to determine the validity of the study. After investigating all sides of the issue, we have determined that while our flavors do contain natural cinnamon extract, none of our flavors are nearly as concentrated as the substance used in the study. In addition, the flavor bases are then further diluted with a selected blend of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin).

The study also did not attempt the test with various dilutions of E Liquid, but only the concentrated Cinnamaldehyde. Furthermore, the Cinnamaldehyde was not in vapor form, but in liquid form.

After much investigation, we here at Mt. Baker Vapor have decided to place all of our Cinnamon Flavors back on the site. We will be providing links to the studies and critiques in question on our blog. This way, you as our customers can make the most informed decision possible on the flavors you choose.

Thanks again to all of you who help make Mt. Baker Vapor possible. We love you guys. 🙂

To view our disclaimer, the study and the critique of the study please follow the link below

DISCLAIMER: We at Mt Baker Vapor want our customers to be fully informed about vaping flavorings that contain Cinnamon. Enclosed is a link to the most recent study on the manner as well as critique of the same study. For any other comments, questions or concerns please contact At this time we have decided to add our Cinnamon flavors back to our website. Thank you for your patience.

Science Direct

Critique of Study
Cinnamon Flavors in E-Cigarettes

Youtube Video: Cinnamon Flavors in E-Cigarettes