Kaos Spectrum – My New Bae

See that handsome lad below? No, not the smiling monkey with the headphones. I’m talking about the fellow behind the desk with his hat turned backwards. See him? That’s Brandon El-Bara. Our Logistics Manager here at Mt Baker Vapor.

A.K.A: B-dot. A.K.A: the most interesting man in the world.
Instragram: @BrandonnReis  Snapchat: @BrandonReis
Get at him ladies!

For the longest time, I’ve been vaping with the Aspire Zelos shown below.

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System Overhauled

A Cleaner, Friendlier, Less Invasive Age Verification System Has Arrived!

Before we ascend the highest mountaintop to announce the new and improved verification system to the masses; there are a few items we’d like to get off our chest.

It’s no surprise that for the longest time, any mention of the verification system infamously known as BlueCheck would spark instant outrage. Customers near and far felt that the verification system was too invasive, too tedious, too redundant and just an overall pain in the gluteus maximus.

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Vaping by Variants


You down with T.C.R.? (Yeah, you know me!)

TCR, how can I explain it? I’ll take it, frame by frame it.

There you have it. My best attempt at “16 bars” or however many “bars” I just spewed out. I’m no musician people.

But what I will tell you, in simple layman’s terms no less, is that…

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Your Money is Collecting Dust…

What if I told you…

Every year, roughly $800 Million in Lottery Prizes go unclaimed? Would you believe me? You should. Because it’s true! $800 MILLION. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. UNCLAIMED! Don’t let this be you!

Redeem YOUR share of the roughly $210,000 in unclaimed Mt Baker Vapor Loyalty Rewards before it’s too late.

Click the link to log into your account and start redeeming what’s yours!

UNSURE HOW TO REDEEM YOUR REWARDS? Just follow these simple steps below…

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31 Most Commonly Used Vaping Terms

Are you intrigued by vaping? Do you often find yourself standing off to the side, watching your friends make awesome clouds with their Smok Alien vape mods? Did you decide enough was enough, take a bus to the nearest vape shop, only to have some long haired, bearded clerk behind the counter shoot off vaping terms that literally sound like Chinese?

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PG & VG: Two Odorless Liquids Joined in Vaping Matrimony

Let’s just say, when Propylene Glycol laid eyes on Vegetable Glycerin, what billowed out was thick, beautiful, sweet smelling vapors.

All terrible jokes aside, PG and VG are two liquids, which play important roles in creating some of your favorite vape juice flavors. When it comes to PG and VG, there is no one-size fits all. Depending on what one personally prefers will determine what ratio of PG and VG will most likely be used.

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