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Electronic cigarettes are quietly gaining momentum with more and more smokers opting out of traditional cigarette smoking and making the switch to vape. If you are a current smoker sitting on the fence when it comes to changing your bad habit, read this list of reasons to end the tobacco habit once and for all.

  • Eliminate bad smokers breath.
    • Cigarette smokers’ bad breath can linger for hours after they light up. Vaping, however, eliminates smokers breath and puts loved ones in the mood for smooching.
  • Eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke on your clothes.
    • It is all too easy to discover who the smoker in the office is just by following the scent. This is an odor that lingers for a very long time. Vaping just doesn’t have the bad odors that smokers deal with.
  • Eliminate stinky butts.
    • E-cigarettes do not produce ash or butts, this means there is nothing to clean up afterwards.
  • Save money.
    • E-cigarettes are also a cheaper alternative to smoking, saving you money for those things in life you really need.
  • Gain your sense of smell and taste back.
    • Without the constant inhalation of carcinogenic smoke, your taste buds and sinuses start to heal, giving you back your senses.

For those of you who know a smoker, but may not be one yourself, you know all to well the unattractive side of smoking. Making the switch from smoking to vaping is an inherently personal decision, but if you can educate your smoker friends about the benefits of making the switch, they may thank you in the long run.

If you are convinced to put your lighter away and take up vaping; congratulations. For the best E-cigarettes on the market, visit our website today.

Mt Baker Vapor Storewide Sale to Celebrate New Years!



Ring in 2014 with 14% off any MBV merchandise. Click the photo for details. Coupon code “celevape2014” goes live 7:00 PM PST News Years Eve.

Comment with any questions! Don’t forget to share it with any family, friends and/or co-workers looking to quit smoking in 2014!


Choosing an E-Cig Juice From Mt Baker Vapor Can be a Little Intimidating

Choosing an E-Cig juice from Mt Baker Vapor can be a little intimidating and somewhat confusing as there are so many choices. It could be compared to picking a quality wine, but what do you do if you are not a wine connoisseur? We will take a little time here to give you the rundown concerning e-liquids.

You have picked out a great device and now you are ready for some e-juice. Here is what you need to know. Now, keep in mind that the key ingredient in e-juice is nicotine. Nicotine strength is determined by the amount of milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of the PG/VG base. The higher the number of milligrams of nicotine, the more nicotine in your e-juice. Now, determining the amount of nicotine you desire depends a lot on how many cigarettes you used to smoke. If you weren’t a former smoker, you should just go nicotine free. But, if you smoked a pack or two a day, then you can handle, and probably desire, higher nicotine.

PG/VG refers to propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and act as the solvent, or base, for the rest of your e-juice. Typically, this mixture is 50PG/50VG, however changes can be made for flavor purposes.

But what makes the biggest impact on flavor is just that, the flavor you choose. Think about things you like, are you a fan of coffee? If so, then perhaps give coffee e-juice a shot. If you are drooling just thinking about banana splits or Amaretto, then you should try those flavors.

Choosing an e-juice that is right for you will take some trial and error. But take this opportunity to do some experimentation, and have fun with it. Good luck in all of your vapor endeavors!

Mount Baker Vapor is the Place to Go to Buy All Your Electronic Cigarettes and Supplies.

Looking to find a gift for that vapor enthusiast in your life? We just might have something that will catch your eye as a great gift idea.

Even for the advanced smoker, the Innokin iTaste MVP starter kit is just too awesome to pass up. The Innokin Itaste MVP starter kit comes with all the features you expect with plenty of power to spare. Some main features include variable voltage and variable wattage, a puff counter, a large battery capacity and overcharge protection. It also has a built in three digit display that shows Ohms meter, wattage setting and number of puffs taken since last time battery was turned off. Basically, this kit is all the rage and is a must have for the holidays or any other time of the year.

Another great piece of hardware is the The Kanger Protank 2 which comes with two 2.5 ohm coils and replaceable glass tank for those harsh e-liquids. It outshines its predecessor as it comes with a tougher glass tank, interchangeable coil and a removable mouthpiece. It comes in five great color choices and is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Mount Baker Vapor is the place to go to buy all your electronic cigarettes and supplies. Visit our website today and see what deals we have for you.

Mt Baker is Moving!

Mt Baker Vapor is moving! In light of the move our website will be shut down from Sunday, December 8, 2013 3:30 PST to Tuesday, December 10, 2013 3:30 PST so we can get moved and back to mixing juice as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions by commenting below or e-mailing support@mtbakervapor.com! Thanks again.


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Happy Cyber Monday,

We are doing 20% off hardware this year! Use code “cybermonday2013

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The sale will end 11:59 P.M. Pacific Standard Time on Monday December 2, 2013. Any questions comment on the post.