FDA Fear

The comment period for U.S. citizens to give their testimonies to the Federal Drug Administration’s on their impending regulations is over. What this means for us as an industry is we now get to hurry up and wait and see how we are going to be regulated. In some ways, this can help the industry, but on the more scary side, these regulations could be devastating.

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Flavors Save Switchers

People like Flavors. Vapers are people, as well. When the anti-vaping crowd finally gets around to understanding that since vapers are people, and we know that people like flavors, the industry does not make cherry or chocolate flavored e-juice to attract children but to satisfy the desires of the industry consumers. With the kind of mentality that the anti-vaping community has, their minds are made up; flavors mean child bait. The mindset is that flavors mean children vaping, which in turn will lead to children smoking.

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Ownlife Vapor Podcast Update

Hey vape fans,

I have had a very stressful week dealing with our podcast RSS feed. The feed was corrupted and not allowing users to subscribe via a pod catcher. Our old host decided to hold our feed hostage and not allow us to make changes to the feed. For this reason we had to jump through hoops to have the old listing removed from the iTunes store and replaced with a feed from our new host.

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Mt Baker Vapor Event Update!

Hello Everyone,

Next week is going to be a busy one for all of us here at Mt Baker Vapor as we prepare to head to four different US cities for four different events. This is the most events MBV has ever attended on a single weekend so it has been very exciting getting prepped to bring our team members all across the USA.

Here are some of the events we will be attending that weekend:

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USA-Made E-Juice Hype

What’s The Deal With USA-Made E-Juice?

You may have taken a look around vaping forums, and found that a lot of users talk about vaping only US-made e-liquid. It may be easy to shrug it off as extreme patriotism – bordering fanaticism.

But believe me, sticking with USA-made e-juice has less to do with patriotism (which isn’t bad in itself IMHO) and more to do with quality.

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Picking the Right Nicotine Strength

Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure With The Wrong e Liquid Nicotine Strength?

Experts have recognized e-cigarettes as one of the best smoking cessation tools out there. However, perhaps you know someone who raved about vaping as the next best thing since sliced bread; that he’ll never go back to traditional cigarettes…only to see him back to his old smoking habits after a month or two.

I, for one, have two friends who initially loved vaping who relapsed only after a month. Maybe e-cigarettes and vaping aren’t as effective as we think?

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