Meet Mt. Baker Vapor – Sean’s Story

There is nothing like that first cigarette in the morning. That amazing rush, the feeling of calming and lightheadedness. It’s what starts the addiction. I started smoking around 22 years-old, and ever since I started, I had always known I was going to have a hard time quitting. Between the stress of work, school, and family, a cigarette would really help me get through my everyday struggles.

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Meet Mt. Baker Vapor – Lisa’s Story

I started smoking when I was 19. This may not sound abnormal to most, but I started smoking after 18 years of opposition to my mothers smoking, which had been on and off for my entire life. So, not only did I become a smoker when I reached my nineteenth year of life, I became a hypocrite as well. I was so delusional about smoking at the time, that I thought I could smoke one or two cigarettes a day and never become addicted. I was playing with fire, without even knowing. Obviously, I became addicted, but granted it was slow going.

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Meet Mt. Baker Vapor – Mikaela’s Story

You see comments in social media. You see them in the news. Opinions, which are shortsighted and obviously lacking the appropriate information. I’m talking about those who didn’t research anything about vaping and just formulated an opinion based on nothing. It’s like being back in high school when people would talk badly about others, without checking to see if the rumor was true in the first place. Is this opinion skewed or biased? Yes, of course, I am an employee with Mt Baker Vapor, and I will defend my mother ship no matter what is needing to be done. My name is Mikaela Burkhart, and I am an Account Manager for Mt Baker Vapor.

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Meet Mt. Baker Vapor – Grant’s Story

As E-cigs have gained so much popularity with the people who see the beneficial sides to vaping rather than smoking, there are some who would argue differently. As the industry grows, so does the opposition. We see much false information and corporate influence when we look at the stack of evidence against us, and it seems quite daunting. Worst of all, governments are no longer serving the public interests or taking risk reduction seriously. The scary thing is that there seems to be a trend emerging with how lawmakers are hoping to regulate the entire electronic cigarette industry not just federally, but at the state level and other localities. The trend does not follow where the E-cig industry is taking itself, but rather, a place where new and upcoming technology goes to die: Congress.

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