Enter To Win $50 Store Credit! – Customer Survey

Hey there, fellow vapers! Mt Baker Vapor needs your help. We want you to fill out our customer survey, so we can improve our service. This is your opportunity to express your needs and desires for the products that we provide. Maybe you want to see more blend options, maybe you feel that we don’t offer enough hardware on our website. Whatever it might be, let this survey be your megaphone. Continue reading “Enter To Win $50 Store Credit! – Customer Survey”

Meet Mt. Baker Vapor: Daniel’s Story

Mt. Baker Vapor’s relocation to Arizona means a lot of new faces, across departments. One of those faces is a bearded one. Daniel Swaine has stepped up to the plate and been instrumental in preparing MBV for a bold new era of business. He was kind enough to answer a few of my questions in today’s Meet Mt. Baker Vapor blog. And yes, he rides a Harley to work every day.

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Meet Mt. Baker Vapor – Jordan’s Story

Hey everyone! I’ve been writing blogs for MBV for a couple months now, and everyone is dying to know: “Who is that delightful and charming Jordan fellow?” Well, today I’m going to tell you, because it’s time for another “Meet Mt. Baker Vapor” blog!

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Meet Mt Baker Vapor: The Andrew Figgs Story

Early Monday morning I hop into the front passenger seat of my sister’s shag orange, 1974 Volvo 240 (rightly named ‘Old Orange’). It’s my first day of high school, and my older sister has agreed to save me from the humiliation of taking the school bus by offering me a ride. Shortly after we take off to school, my sister informs me that we’ll be picking up her friend, and that we would be taking an extended route to school so they could smoke a cigarette before classes start. I was shocked; here was the smartest person I knew, and looked up to, smoking a cigarette! Didn’t she know that cigarettes were bad for you and caused all sorts of problems? But — not wanting to disappoint her or lose my privilege of riding to school in Old Orange — I kept my mouth shut, gave up my front seat, and quietly began what soon became my extreme dislike of cigarettes. Continue reading “Meet Mt Baker Vapor: The Andrew Figgs Story”

Meet Mt. Baker Vapor – Jacob’s Story

I grew up on a ranch breaking and training horses. My family was cowfolk and bikers so when the day came that I started smoking much too young, it came as no surprise. Everyone I had ever known smoked. Stereotypes aren’t always so far off the mark, and in this regard my proverbial apple didn’t fall so far from the tree.

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Meet Mt Baker Vapor – John Swanke’s Story

With a ringing in my ears and blisters on my fingers, I took hold of my first cigarette. I was 16 years old and had just finished my first live radio broadcast at the local station with my high school band. We moved the gear into our vehicles and proceeded to take a seat on the loading dock, critiquing our performance. Someone passed around a pack of cigarettes. Being the youngest member of the band, I was eager to be accepted by the other players, DJs and promoters that surrounded us. Hailing from a family of addictive personalities, I failed to realize I was hooked before that first smoke burnt to the filter. I gravitated to the fringe and hung with the smokers for the rest of my high school career.

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Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Kenny S’ Story

I started smoking at my first job. I was a busboy and eager to meet everyone I worked with. Hanging out in the alleyway during breaks to share cigs and conversation with the bartenders and cooks seemed like the right thing to do. My use progressed from there. I spent a year at a community college after High School and before heading to University. You could usually find me between classes at the “smoking huts,” chatting, playing guitar, and mingling with the international students (a demographic that truly loved their cigarettes).

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Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Derek’s Story

As of March 2015 I was Tobacco free for a full year. I let the addiction get the best of me, and there were points where I was not afraid to admit that I LOVED taking a dip. I took my first chew with some buddies when I was 15; I didn’t fully develop the habit for a year after that, but it was always on my mind. For the next seven years after I chewed about a half, a can a day (if not more.)

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Meet Mt. Baker Vapor – Zay’s Story

Hey guys, my name is Zay, and I work at MBV! I’ve been working here for almost nine months, and I couldn’t be more happy! 🙂 I’ve been all over the company and with each department that I’ve worked in I soak up a little more knowledge about Electronic Cigarettes. The best part about working here is learning about how much MBV has affected people’s lives for the better. Here is how I started my vaping journey.

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