Meet Mt Baker Vapor: Hans

There has been a mysterious force working in the shadows at Mt Baker Vapor. A darkly charismatic man toils in the Customer Service department, forging customer delight with the dour sensibilities of a 19th century New England Quaker. Hans has worked with Mt Baker Vapor since its humble beginning, and has worked tirelessly through every transition. His insights into this industry just might surprise you.

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A Celebration of Figgs!

Over the past year, the MBV marketing crew has had the pleasure of working with one of the most kind, talented, and outgoing co-workers someone could ask for. Andrew Figgs has been a source of creativity and a model for consistent work ethic. He’s soon to be making his way back to the home-state of Washington, but on his last day here with us, we thought we’d look back at our favorite Figgs moments.

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Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Justin Mazza

Hi, my name is Justin. I’m the new Project Manager at Mt Baker Vapor! I began this path as an avid gamer. I wanted to start creating games so I took that on as my focus for University studies. I learned rather quickly that I didn’t quite have the right mind to get as good at programming as I would need to be. I continued on anyway and added an International Business Administration major to my course track as well. This opened up the path of Project Management to me and I found that I really liked it. I lead my capstone team for our final game project and we did rather well.

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Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Ted M

Hi, my name is Ted M. I’m the newest member of the Mt Baker Vapor Marketing Team! I could be described as a designer, an artist or a visual problem solver. I’m most comfortable with the title of artist but get the most joy from being called dad…or old man. I’ve earned each of my gray hairs!

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Mesa Vape Shop Opens!

The day is finally here! Since our relocation to Mesa last year, we’ve been asked again and again about a Mesa vape shop. Why should an Arizonan wait for the mailman when they can pick it up themselves? Well, our collective prayers have been answered on this day.

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Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Jesse Webb

Hello, everybody! Today, I’d like to a share a little interview I did with Mt Baker Vapor co-owner, Jesse Webb. He and a few other key people in the company are participating in a circuit of sorts. They’re currently making their way throughout each and every department, working full shifts alongside Production, Marketing, and Customer Service. As someone who has vaped for a very long time, and shopped with Mt Baker Vapor well before I joined the company, it was a pretty awesome experience to spend the day with the co-owner, picking his brain, and giving him a crash course on what I do on a daily basis!

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Meet Mt Baker Vapor: An Interview With President Tommy Gropp

Tommy Gropp joined the Mt Baker Vapor family, and rose very rapidly to the rank of company president. Tommy has a very storied past, and brings his business acumen to the company. I posed Tommy Gropp a couple questions, and he was gracious enough to illuminate us. The full interview is as follows:

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Meet Mt Baker Vapor: Josh Hanna

My name is Josh Hanna, and I met my wife in 2007.  She was eighteen and about to graduate, and I was nineteen and managing a camera store.  I was smoking about a pack a day.  I enjoyed doing it while socializing and driving.  It gave me something to do.  After a month of dating my wife, she said she would like me to quit because she hated the way I smelled.  I cold went turkey after hearing that.  It was not really hard for me to quit, but every now and then I wanted one.  

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