Nicotine – Deadly Poison or Promising Medicine?

Welcome to the third edition of the Knowledge is Power series. Today we are going to take a closer look at nicotine. If you’re like me, then at one point or another you considered the words nicotine and tobacco to be interchangeable. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the wonderful world of vaping that I discovered there is a drastic difference between the two. We all know that tobacco kills, but what about nicotine? Is it a deadly poison? Is it completely safe or even beneficial? Let’s take a look at these questions together.

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Vaping as a Smoking Cessation Tool?

Welcome to the second blog in the Knowledge is Power series. Today we will be discussing vaping as a smoking cessation tool. We have all heard and seen the back and forth in the media. Vaping is dangerous, vaping is completely safe, vaping helps people stop smoking, vaping has no effect on people trying to quit, and on and on it goes. How can so many scientists come up with so many completely opposite stances?

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Health Effects of Vaping vs. Smoking

Welcome to our first Knowledge is Power Blog edition. Today we will be discussing the health effects of vaping vs. smoking, and vaping in public places. There is a lot of information, much of it conflicting about the health effects of vaping and 2nd hand vape. Let’s look at the concerns and what the leading researchers in the field are saying in response.

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Knowledge is Power

We here at Mt. Baker Vapor love vaping, having a great time, and providing a great 167303514 copyservice.
However, with all of the current controversy surrounding the e-cig debate, we want to take some time to address the current concerns being discussed in the media and legislation. We will be providing a weekly blog, each week focusing on one specific subject matter, so that we can really look at each subject from several angles, and see what the experts are saying about those subjects.

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