Drip Tips with Grant – Temperature Control Part 2

I have never been one to say “I told ya so” but I’m going to anyways! Since my last blog that went over temperature control in the DNA 40 chip, A few other brands have launched temp control boards and mods to the public. As I said, temp control is going to catch on once people get their hands on these devices. With mods like the HCigar HeartBeat, the smok m80, the IPV4, Sigelei 75w, The Snowwolf 50 and 200-watt boxes, you can be certain that there is a market for the technology.

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Drip Tips with Grant – What’s the Best RDA?

People working in the field of marketing and the reviewing of e-cigs know that many of the questions they receive are unanswerable. If you do market or review e-cigs you are familiar with the “What’s the best RDA?” question. “What’s the best mod?” “What’s the best this or that?” These types of questions are very hard to answer, and the reason is quite simple. Not everyone is the same, something we have learned over the course of the drip tip series. Me telling you which RDA is best is like me telling you what flavor of pizza you will like the best. It’s just something that can’t be done accurately, without knowing how you vape and what you prefer.

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Drip Tips with Grant – Public Perception

Hey, vape fans! Today I’d like to talk a little bit about you guys! That’s right, today’s drip tips are going to be about the vapers, the sub ohmers, cloud chasers, and the flavor chasers out there using a dripper or RTA on a daily basis. A lot of people don’t understand why we do what we do. Why do we like to use rebuildables when it is so much easier to use a tank and disposable tank system? Who are we and what do we do for the vaping movement?

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Will RTA’s and Subtanks Replace RDAs?

For a long time, RTA had been synonymous with pain in the rear. The learning curve going from a clearomizer tank to building Russians was very steep. Even those who built RDAs often had trouble with the small deck and screws on the Russian (myself being one of them). Not to say that they are impossible, or even difficult to build on now, but when I was first getting into RTAs they were.

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Drip Tips with Grant – Sub Ohm Etiquette

Hey Vape Fans! Thanks for reading this weeks installment of Drip Tips!  Today we’re going to go over proper cloud chasing and Sub Ohm etiquette. Much of the irritation directed towards Vapers is because of folks chasing clouds in the wrong places, for the wrong reasons. The last thing we want to do is further any negative public opinion about vaping and develop a generalized reputation of how we are all doing these things in public. So before taking a vape, be sure to keep these things in mind:

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Drip Tips with Grant – Airflow

Hey vape fans! Today we’re going to discuss airflow, and how it affects our vape. I’m going to go over all the different types of airflow, and why they are used on certain devices. I’ll start by saying that airflow design has come along way since the cigalike era, and continues to evolve as you read this. It seems like airflow design has become sort of a signature for manufacturers’ products, and some atomizers are recognized by the airflow configuration they feature. For instance: The airflow on the Vulcan is unique to it’s brand. They include the logo in the design of the airflow, which I think is a great way to make your product unique.

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Drip Tips with Grant – Actual Drip Tips!

So today, we’re actually going to talk about drip tips! The actual ones! There have got to be a million of these little guys on the market, and each can affect the way we vape. From long thin tips meant for cooling the vapor, to Chuff caps with a diameter you could fit a dime into, each has it’s own purpose and pros/cons.

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Drip Tips with Grant – How Button Design Affects Your Vape

There are many different mechanical mods out there and, as a result, there are also many button designs that go with them. From the ¼ twist turn of the V3 Flip, to the threaded, fine-tuned switch on the Stingray. For me, the switch is probably 85% of the weighing factor for me to buy a mod or not. I’m very particular on how my switches feel and operate and I can’t express enough how nice a well-made switch feels. But do different switches bring different attributes to the table?

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