Dear Summit: Favorite Josh Moments

This week’s Dear Summit has a slightly different twist than usual. The marketing crew will soon have a new social media specialist and that means we are saying goodbye to our current guru Josh Hanna. Many of you have gotten to know Josh via our Twitter, Facebook page, official forum, and right here on the blog. While Josh will be staying at Mt Baker Vapor, we still wanted to take the opportunity to look back at our favorite memories with him in the marketing department. Thank you for your hard work, Cloud Killa!

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Dear Summit: What’s New?

Hey, vape fans! Welcome to another Sunday edition of Dear Summit. I and the rest of the Mt Baker Vapor crew hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. This week, I want to fill everyone in on some of the new vaping hardware we’ve recently added to the website.

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Dear Summit – Favorite GWAR B Q Moments

Hello, vape fans!  In this week’s installment of Dear Summit, we are looking back to last weekend Mt Baker Vapor was at the GWAR B-Q in Richmond, VA.  If you have never heard of GWAR, the shows they put on are very entertaining and bloody!  Here is a compilation of my favorite parts of the 2016 GWAR B-Q:

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Dear Summit: Age Verification

APRIL 5th, 2017 Update:

Mt Baker Vapor works diligently to keep vapor products out of the hands of minors and takes cyber-security seriously. In the interest of an improved user experience, we have evaluated customer feedback and your concerns regarding our current age verification program.  As such, Mt Baker Vapor is researching new options to meet the age verification requirements.  Therefore, we are taking temporary action to give you a streamlined, user-friendly process.

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Dear Summit – Amazing Blue Friday Sale

Hello, vape fans! The new FDA regulations take effect on August 8th. Some companies and products are at risk for closing and leaving the shelves.  Do not fear, though; we will be here for your needs for a long time to come! Since the regulations are coming, we decided to have a Blue Friday sale! Continue reading “Dear Summit – Amazing Blue Friday Sale”