The Sub-Ohm Lifestyle

There are many different vapes, vaping styles, reasons people vape and probably AT LEAST a dozen other factors when it comes to the “vape industry” as a whole. Today, our focus will be on, what seems to be, the most talked about vaping style out there – sub-ohm vaping.

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Vaping Hardware: A Beginner’s Guide (Part One)

Vaping can be intimidating for beginners. Vaping has been innovative since its genesis, and with that innovation comes almost unlimited hardware combinations. This three-part beginner’s guide is designed to help vapers get started. In part one, we will examine the anatomy of electronic cigarettes, and how they operate. We will define different atomizers types, and explain their functional styles. Finally, we will wrap up with a comparison between regulated and unregulated mods. Let us help you take the intimidation out of your vaping experience! Continue reading “Vaping Hardware: A Beginner’s Guide (Part One)”

How to Find the Best Electronic Cigarette for Your Vaping Needs

For all vapers, beginners and experts alike, finding the best electronic cigarette is the culmination of the vaping experience. But with literally thousands of tanks to choose from it can be daunting and even confusing to determine what works best for you. At Mt Baker Vapor the best e-cigarette for one vaper could be a lightweight plastic option while for someone else an advanced tank with a drip tip could be top choice. See what’s available and try a few before declaring your favorite, you may be surprised!
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Episode 102: The Ongoing War with the FDA/Pro Art Vapor

The Ownlife Vapor podcast recaps the current state of lawsuits aimed at the FDA Deeming Regulations, and the current calm-before-the-storm as Trump prepares to take office. Aaron from Pro Art and #ParrotNation comes on to discuss his company’s orgins, and his unique perspective as a small business owner in the regulated environment.

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How to Keep Your Vaping Resolution

Sadly, most New Year’s Resolutions don’t survive the month of January. Vaping resolutions fall victim to this tragic phenomena. Cheat days, lapses, unexpected stressors, and peer pressures drive us back to our old ways, often sooner than we’d like. If you really want to stick to your New Year’s Resolution this year, here’s what you need to do:

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Dear Summit: What’s New?

Hey, vape fans! Welcome to another Sunday edition of Dear Summit. I and the rest of the Mt Baker Vapor crew hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. This week, I want to fill everyone in on some of the new vaping hardware we’ve recently added to the website.

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What Do You Think of Vaping? [QUIZ]

My idea of the public perception may be a little skewed. Most of the people in my life are vapers, who can’t say enough good things about vaping. If the people in my life represented the country or the world, vape bans wouldn’t be a thing. I’ve decided to take it to the people! Take our quiz, and we’ll get a better understanding of what you think of vaping!

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Best Political Ideologies to Vape To

As you are probably very well aware, it’s an election year. Political flame-wars are currently 100% of your social media content, and everyone has a precious viewpoint that simply must be heard. The time has come to list the most pro-vaping political ideologies.

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