Tobacco Free CA Responds To Conspiracy Accusations

First off, before we turn all attention to California, and their awful smear campaign, I’d like to point you to a survey presented by the Pink Lung Brigade that you can find here . This survey will be used to provide information to Washington legislators and also has a convenient link to register for voting. Elected officials often check to find out if their constituents that write to them have registered and/or voted in their respective districts. Not only does voting count, but it continues to count if you wish to have your voice heard by your representatives. I vape I vote is the strongest statement our community can make now and in the future. Also, everyone across the US should be on high alert and watching for any calls to action nearing the end of session in any state. Bills will begin moving very rapidly now, and could only take a few hours to hit floor votes and head to the governors desks.

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Tobacco Free Alliance Equates Ecigs To 9/11

On April 7th, the Washington state House Appropriations Committee held a hearing on HB1645. Stacia Wasmundt of Tobacco Free Alliance of Pierce county testified in support of the bill, stating “Calls to poison control have skyrocketed over the last 3 years. There’s no safety regulations on the products. Children are getting poisoned by liquid nicotine, and even getting less than a teaspoon on their skin can be lethal. We support this bill because not only is nicotine the most addictive substance that effects brain development, but it is a poison that when used as intended kills 480,000 annually in the US, equaling 1200 per day. This is a 9/11 attack in death tolls every 2 1/2 days.” Continue reading “Tobacco Free Alliance Equates Ecigs To 9/11”

Tobacco Flavored Easter

While listening to a recent debate on KALW between Gregory Conley of the American Vaping Association, a legislator and a public health official in California, link below, there was much debate over flavors being an element of marketing to children. If you go to any Facebook vaping group, and ask them what flavors they use, very few vapers will tell you they vape tobacco flavors. In fact, I’ve been sick this week and I just ran out of my plain mint and coconut mint flavors, and just filled my tank with a tobacco/menthol flavor. This is the first time in over a year that I’ve even attempted to use a tobacco flavor. I can’t taste or smell any of my usual fruity or candy flavors with the head-cold I’ve been suffering from. When I was smoking cigarettes, the only time I would use menthol flavor was also when I was sick. Continue reading “Tobacco Flavored Easter”

Tobacco Free CA Becomes “Victims” Of Grassroots Astroturfing

In a Facebook post by Tobacco Free CA yesterday, public health officials are claiming to be victims of vapers astroturfing industry propaganda. The irony of reporting this on an industry blog does not escape me. In fact, the whole situation is completely conspicuous, considering the evidence.

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There Are No Ecig Experts

From Stanton Glantz to Gregory Conley, there are no experts on electronic cigarettes. Sure, there are plenty of professionals. Some of these professionals could be considered experts in a particular field, especially outside of the electronic cigarette industry. But, nobody is an expert on electronic cigarettes. No one has gone to school to receive a well rounded education on the science, technology and history of ecigs. There are doctors, lawyers and advocates all working on both the pro and con side of the vaping equation. Continue reading “There Are No Ecig Experts”

Interview with Kristopher Brady – Vaping In The Army

I’ve heard many positive stories from vapers in the past year and a half. But, of all the hearings I’ve been to and watched live or via replay, Kristopher Brady is the first current member of the military that I’ve seen speak for a hearing on electronic cigarettes. This could be a major reason that the committee members asked questions to this young gentleman while adamantly denying the opportunity to ask questions of most of the rest of the community, elected officials and even professionals who spoke. Putting your life on the line for our freedom is the greatest honor anyone could give. And to have Kristopher on our side of the equation speaks volumes to politicians. I wanted to take this opportunity to sneak a peak into vaping in the armed forces.
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The Ring of Truth

If you listen, you can hear it. The ring of truth. My music history tests in college were made up entirely of essay style answers. My college professor, when handing out the tests, would always say he was looking for “the ring of truth” in our statements. I was reminded of this, as I listened to the House Commerce and Gaming Committee hearing on Monday at the Washington state capitol on HB 1645, which if enacted, will decimate the entire electronic cigarette industry in the state. I say will, because the bill is not entirely dead. As I mentioned in my previous blog, the bill can still be acted upon until Sine Die of the Washington legislature. This could be late April to early May, so vapers in Washinton state must remain attentive and vigilant. Now, when ecigs aren’t part of the active docket, is the best time to have your story heard by your elected officials.

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Ban A Little Tax A Little

An increasingly popular, but alarmingly apathetic, opinion I’ve been hearing lately is being “ok” with little bans and taxes. I’m sorry I don’t have any more tactful words to express my view point on the subject. Saying that you are ok with laws that will only increase taxes a little, or only ban the use of vapor products in a few areas, is simply putting your head in the sand. Laws, once they are made, very rarely move backward toward liberty of the people unless they are challenged in court. When budget shortfalls affect legislative talking points, every tax is open to increase. It is incredibly easier to prevent a new law on the first go-around. Continue reading “Ban A Little Tax A Little”

The WA Bill That Wouldn’t Die

Only in the state of Washington would a bill so flagrantly foul as to enact a 95% tax on vapor products find support for consideration three times within a two year period. HB 1645 is the newest monstrosity that will grace the House Committee on Commerce and Gaming on Monday at 1:30pm.

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