Mesa Vape Shop Opens!

The day is finally here! Since our relocation to Mesa last year, we’ve been asked again and again about a Mesa vape shop. Why should an Arizonan wait for the mailman when they can pick it up themselves? Well, our collective prayers have been answered on this day.

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Vaping Versus FDA: Tristan Pope Interviews Azim

Anti-vaping legislation is so complex, you need to be a lawyer to know what’s going on. Luckily, we have a lawyer! Mt Baker Vapor has worked closely with Azim Chowdhury in regards to the Right To Be Smoke Free Coalition, and he is an expert in the field of vaping regulation. Tristan Pope of ALT TAB ME presents a long-form interview with Azim on the subject of vaping versus FDA:

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R2BSmoke Free Coalition Files Lawsuit Challenging FDA Deeming Regulations

fdaSome of you may have noticed R2BSmoke Free graphic centered directly in the header of our website for the past month. You may have also noticed the following flyers going out with every order from MBV:

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Solar Savings

We here at Mt Baker Vapor are more than ever, committed to the idea of living a greener lifestyle to do our part in protecting the planet. With the advances in more efficient solar panels, we know that renewable energy combined with energy efficiency is especially powerful: for our customers and for the future of generations to come. Mt Baker Vapor envisions a world where people don’t have to choose between energy they can afford and energy that’s good for communities and the planet. Continue reading “Solar Savings”

Resumption of California Orders and How to Order

Mt Baker Vapor is pleased to announce the resumption of orders from the State of California. Starting now, your favorite hardware and Mt Baker Vapor e liquids are only a few clicks away! We would like to thank all of our loyal customers from California for their patience while we adjusted our ordering system.

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How to Prepare for FDA Regulations:

With the deeming regulations recently revealed, you may have noticed a few changes in the industry. You may be seeing a bigger push for advocacy, or perhaps an influx of new and exciting hardware. Your friends may be stocking up on juice by the pound, or you yourself may be dipping into the savings account to load up before the vapocalypse hits. You may even (sadly) see some beloved small businesses close their doors, either unwilling or unable to stand up to the impending fiscal pressure pushed by the Freedom Destroying Agency, otherwise known as the FDA (really, though, the Food and Drug Administration). Amidst the backdrop of chaos surrounding our industry, it may be unclear to some on how to proceed going forward. Today, I’d like to bring a few things to your attention, to make sure you’re ready to face the regulations, and the changes they entail. Here’s how to prepare for FDA Regulations:

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Jay Inslee’s Continued War On Vaping: WA State Regulates

On April 19th, 2016, Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 6328 into law. Though it this bill is not as draconian as House Bill 1645 or House Bill 2211, it is a step in the wrong direction. If the vaping industry is to survive its fledgling years, we need to understand these laws, and proactively defend our right to vape.

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Dystopian Vaping (Pt. II)

For those that are futurists (and grim futurists, at that),  I’ve written a work of fiction that represents vaping’s tomorrow, if prohibitions and regulations continue to hamper the vaping industry. Keep in mind, this is an ongoing work of fiction, released episodically. It was written by a fatalist and for fatalists. If you’re entertained, I’ve done my job. If you’re scared, I’ve done my job well.

To read Part I of this unfortunate saga, click here!

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HUD to Decide Fate on Vaping in Public Housing

All public housing projects will soon be smoke-free after a long awaited proposal was made earlier this month by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Provided there are no further setbacks or challenges, this law will go into effect early 2017. Clearing the smoke from public housing seems like a healthy move, but smokers and vapers both face the threat of eviction if they decide to take a puff in a designated non-smoking area.  Continue reading “HUD to Decide Fate on Vaping in Public Housing”