Attention CA: Buy Big, Save Big

Do you live in California?  Then this post is for you!

We understand the excise tax is causing a rift in many of your pockets and might be affecting the way you usually purchase your juice. Save that money by buying our 240ml bottles instead of multiple 30ml!

Head over –> here <– to see which of your favorite MBV flavors we currently offer in the larger size. If one of your favorites is missing, or you have feedback about what you’d like to see in that larger size, leave a comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Attention CA: Buy Big, Save Big

  1. This addition to mt baker vapor saved me. You guys are so awesome for thinking about CA vapors. Much much appreciated!

  2. Why are none of the big bottles available in a higher pg mix? I’m not a cloud chaser, I’m an ex smoker who wants a good throat hit when I vape.

  3. Honey Berries, Thawed Sauce, Hug juice. Those are flavors I buy everytime. And usually 2 bottles of each a time. I tried to reorder from last time and was shocked it was over $30 more! Definitely need to cut down my order which is sad seeing as Mt Baker is our fav supplier. Pls make larger sizes for those flavors.

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