The Hounding of a California Congressman

According to Roll Call magazine— a daily and weekly news publication about Congress and politics— a legal advocacy group has called for the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter’s embrace of a healthier alternative to smoking, also known as “vaping.”

Cue sound effect: “DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!!!”

Hunter is being criticized for grasping and endorsing the vaping industry, a move that the American Democracy Legal Fund is calling a blatant disregard of the House Ethics rule and has asked the OCE to review the congressman’s position.

According to Roll Call, Members of Congress are not supposed to officially endorse certain products, but it is often tricky for the OCE to determine what counts as an official endorsement and what does not.

“The rules are there to ensure that Members of Congress don’t use their positions of power to favor specific companies, brands or industries or to benefit themselves of their personal interests,” said the group’s president, Brad Woodhouse, in a statement to the Tribune.

Hunter, a former smoker, has said that he was able to kick his habit of smoking by using a vape.

Now supposedly, a clip showing the congressman puffing billows from his vaporizer during a committee hearing last February is an endorsement of a product rather than a man simply satiating his assumed nicotine craving through vaping rather than smoking.


So now I guess we can assume that for all members of Congress who consume bottles of water in public as opposed to handles of liquor are using their power to endorse a brand or industry to benefit their personal interest? Or perhaps by chewing gum (whatever brand) in order to mask your persistent struggle with halitosis is considered brand endorsement and thus a blatant disregard for the rules?

C’mon people, really?

Let’s just call it for what it is— Congressman Hunter is being attacked solely for the fact that he is a powerful figure taking advantage of a better alternative to the mighty cigarette, aka vaping; and the FDA, Surgeon General and other entities entrusted to disseminate public credible health information are simply not yet ready to fully get behind the idea.

More of the article here.

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