Breaking News! Retail Store Grand Opening

You heard it here, folks! Mt Baker Vapor’s Grand Opening is happening this Saturday, the 27th of August, from 10am to 8pm. Come on down to 4049 E. Presidio St. Mesa, Arizona 85215  to delight in our flavors, games, food, and sales! In honor of this most splendid of retail events, we’ve made a poignant short film:

We’re going to have all sorts of fun at the Grand Opening! Games will be raging, an AZ Barbecue food truck will be deployed, massive sales on e liquid and grab bags will be readily available, a dunk tank shall be erected, and you get to meet Mt Baker Vapor’s delightful staff!

Come shake a leg!

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

14 thoughts on “Breaking News! Retail Store Grand Opening

  1. When you make it to Montana, give me a call. 🙂 I will definately look you up if I am ever in the southwest. You guys have a great thing going. Great flavors, great prices, and great people. Three greats has gotta be great right? You guys hold it down in Arizona. I wish you luck with your store. Keep in vaping.

    1. Definitely! Thank you for the awesome comments about us! We try hard to help our customers out as much as we can and with that in mind, we would love to open up shops in every state!

  2. I’m a very happy vaping camper. I like the prices still and you’ve lowered you shipping. I just shopped and had the option of $3.20 for my purchase. That’s what I like,,,less for shipping.

    1. That is awesome! We try to take care of our customers as much as we can and we love seeing posts where we are being told that we are taking care of them!

    1. Could you recommend any good locations online we should share this information? Do you know of any local blogs or sites?

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