Are You a Considerate Vaper?

As a vaper, (especially one who has quit smoking with vaping), it is very easy to get excited about vaping… everywhere, all the time, even in places we maybe, probably shouldn’t. With today’s vapers being under a constant microscope, legislators looking for any reason to impose more taxes, or enact a ban altogether – it is probably best we practice our manners and make sure we aren’t committing any faux pas when it comes to how, when and where we vape.


  1. 1. Make huge clouds in public places – or even worse, enclosed public places.
    •  – Believe it or not, people who aren’t vapers don’t appreciate this 9/10 times. They associate vaping with smoking and assume it is bad for the environment and for their health. Just don’t do it.
    •  – This includes public transportation.
      •  – And airplanes.
        •  – And schools.
          •  – And Concert/Sports Venues.
            •  – And Movie theatres.
              •  – And pretty much anywhere you can’t light up a cigarette.
  2. 2. Try to sneak into a public restroom (or your work’s restroom) and vape behind the stall.
    •  – Your employer, in particular, will frown upon this. Most buildings in most states/countries restrict vaping indoors. The bathrooms count.


  1. 1. Clean up after yourself.
    •  – Don’t leave atomizers, empty juice bottles, or any other vape related litter lying around for other people/animals to come across. This is one of the most important things to remember.
  2. 2. Be pro-active in learning rules for vapers in public places you frequent and your workplace.
    •  – Some places allow vaping in areas that people aren’t allowed to smoke. Most don’t. Know before you blow.

At the end of the day, we have reason to believe vaping is saving countless lives by providing a solid alternative to analog, combustible cigarettes. Be considerate of others when you vape, and considerate of the environment around you. Don’t give anyone a reason to think less of the vaping community or discount the strides made toward a smoke-free future.


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6 thoughts on “Are You a Considerate Vaper?

  1. When I first started vaping back in 2012, I was working on mt Degrees at Itt-Tech. I applied the same practice as being a smoker when it came down to Vaping both before class and on breaks. I used the smoking area. I knew that it was going to get way out of control when other Vapers were Vaping in the hallways leaving the classrooms in doors or Vaping in the restrooms. All the people that were Vaping got in trouble because someone was Vaping Cannabis oil really strong in the restroom and the smell of it went throughout the entire Campus. I’ve also been looked at negatively at one of my doctors offices because of someone smoking Pot right out infront at the same time I was vaping and the other person didn’t care about the windows being opened or that the smell went throughout the entire medical office. I had to open up my Tank for them to smell that I was vaping Green Apple and that it would only smell like Apple. They allowed me to vape in the office to prove that it would smell like Apple. When around children, I walk away from were they’re at just like someone that is smoking a cigarette should do that way it doesn’t affect the children or make them want to try it for themselves. My neighbors that have two newborns have seen me stop Vaping when they’re either coming over for a visit or going for a walk. Vaping is my choice and I’m responsible for my actions.

  2. I like to think I’m a considerate vapor but what bugs me is when I’m in a casino where theres cigarette smoke everywhere, I vape, gotten lot of compliments on how it smells so good like candy and dessert. then I get older women who wave there hands in digust, I always blow my clouds up in the air away from other people so things like that tick me off. but there is ppl out there that make us vapors look bad.

  3. i have always been a considerate vapor! even when i was a smoker, i was very considerate. SO, nothing has changed! I see a lot of rude and cocky vapors out there & it pisses me off because it can give vaping a bad name.

  4. This is excellent advice an I agree wholeheartedly.I don’t like to see vaping getting a bad wrap.

    Some vapers think its so cool to fog up a place and more power to them,just don’t do it in public where other non indulgers will frown upon it.It is annoying when vapor is treated like stanky old smoke but unfortunately people are going to treat it this way regardless.

    Non vapers/smokers have every right to not be exposed to your sweet smelling pina colada vapor.I know I can rev my car engine and fill the air outside their apartment with deadly car exhaust and that is okay.Please just accept what we have been given and respect other people.

  5. Don’t blow huge clouds in public places.This is the most important one to me.

    If you’re around people,Don’t blow big clouds that will upset anyone passing by or nearby,even if you are in an outside area for smoking or just in public.It’s simple,mind where your vapor goes and be courteous to others,even smokers.
    Big clouds certainly aren’t necessary to get your nicotine fix.

    Recreational vaping has its place.Vaping in place of cigarettes is important for those trying to keep off cigs.It can be done discreetly and respectively.

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