Battery Safety: 3’s a Cloud

Last October, we ran a blog about battery safety and marrying your dual battery mods which I recommend if you’d like to learn more about the most important part of your device. Due to the popularity of the Reuleaux and the RX-200, we’re going to touch on the subject again today with regards to 3 battery devices.

The good news is, the properties of battery circuits remain the same regardless of the number of cells in it. That is to say, they will continue to perform as expected, in that series will treat multiple batteries (2,3 or 10) as 1 and parallel will double, triple or decuple (that’s 10x) capacity and amp limit based on the number of batteries. The first question people usually have is “I already have 2 married batteries, can I just add a 3rd?” And unfortunately the answer is a hard no. Like in real life, you can’t just bring another party into an already established and happy marriage. All parties should agree on that upfront. So if you’re going to rock a 3 battery, 5 battery or 20 battery mod just know that you will need to purchase all new batteries each time. If you can, get LG HG2s. They provide the perfect combination of high amp rating and capacity so you can get the most life out of your device.

Something I touched on in the last blog, rotating your batteries, becomes even more important the more batteries you have and it has to do with the way series circuits are configured. In series, the current passes through each cell on it’s way to the next and eventually to the end of the circuit (think of stacked batteries in a flashlight). This is as opposed to parallel which will pull from each battery separately to power the circuit. This property of series configuration causes one of the batteries in the circuit to take more force than the others. This creates a few causes for concern. When current passes through a battery it creates deposits on the connections inside increasing the internal resistance and lowering its’ total voltage capacity. From a safety standpoint, over time this can cause the battery in that spot to have a lower functional performance than the other 2.

Because series counts the 3 batteries as 1 it will multiply the voltage given by the 3 batteries. So instead of having a total max voltage of 4.2v x 3 (12.6V), if one was at 3.7v max, then your total would be 12.1v. This is problem because it then puts more strain on the others to produce the desired result. In effect, killing all 3 batteries faster. In a worst case scenario, this can also cause that battery to be depleted to a point lower than it’s recommended discharge rate and the point at which it would normally not power things. Because it’s in a series, the circuit may still run provided the other batteries are supplying enough voltage. If that happens, your battery could vent and/or damage your device.

This is the reason why it’s important to rotate your batteries in addition to having them married. You want your circuit to discharge evenly. Some people find it helpful to put a “1,2 and 3” on each of the batteries and rotate them clockwise each time you put them in. Also, never charge them inside the mod. If they can be charged externally you should do so. This will give your batteries the longest life possible and keep you safe. For more information on series and parallel, as well as general battery safety, be sure to check out my original blog on married batteries. As I mention in that blog, learning about batteries can be cumbersome and confusing but undoubtedly will pay off in the end and increase your understanding of other electronic products as well as vaporizers. If knowledge is power, then knowledge of power is double- powerful! Until next time, vape on!

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14 thoughts on “Battery Safety: 3’s a Cloud

  1. Wow.. I wasn’t aware there are mods that use 3 batteries. They must get very good vape time with a conservative build.

  2. I’ve been putting my 3 batts in the same slots (not rotating them) for a couple of months and charging them externally, not using the USB. Would you recommend that I start rotating them now or is it too late?


  3. Here is the problem with this theory. If you have a 4 battery nitecore for example, the proper way to pair 2 batteries, is to use port 1&3 as per the directions and the schematics. 1&3 and 2&4 are perfectly paired. So if your slapping 2 batteries in ports1&2 they are close, but not truly paired. So, how can you do 3 if they aren’t all charging the same. I do 1&3 and then do 1&3 again. Now I have 4 paired batteries, 3 for my rx200 and one for my target. PS..these are all the new brown LG2 3000 mah batteries…beat that….9000 mah mod?

  4. My chargers only hold 2 batteries. How can I charge my set of 3 batteries? I’ve been using the USB charger. Thanks for any help.

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