5 Lame Excuses For Smoking Cigarettes

Addicts try to rationalize their lethal habits. They are faced with pressure to quit from doctors, friends, family, and lovers. Despite the overwhelming cons, people will come up with all sorts of lame excuses for smoking to justify an expensive habit that is killing them. Here is a list of the top 5 that we hate to hear:

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Vaping Prohibition and You!

How can a country that trumpets liberty and personal freedom constrict the passions of its citizens? If a new law is passed, how is it enforced? History shows again and again the long-term repercussions of prohibition: black markets, organized crime, political turmoil, and the criminalization of common folk. With the recent backlashes against the community, we must be unrelenting in our battle against vaping prohibition.

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How to Change the Vaping World

We all want to change the vaping world. Not all of us know how. Government bureaucracy is a maze so intricate that you need a law degree and an Adderall prescription just to know what’s going on. How does a citizen get involved in his or her democracy? If America was forged by the people and by the people, then why is it so hard for the American people to influence vaping legislation? Follow these simple steps, and you, too, can be a part of a new American revolution.

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5 Vaping Myths That Need To Die

Anytime a new technology catches on, you can expect a contrarian knee-jerk from the public. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, after all. Since the genesis of electronic cigarettes, we’ve seen alarmist vaping myths spread like disease. The following are the fruits of alarmist propoganda, myths that need to die before they kill this benevolent industry:

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Tobacco and Humanity: A Troubled Timeline

About eight thousand years ago, a nightshade plant sprouted throughout the Americas. Its potent effects would bring millions to addiction, slavery, and death. In addition, it would enable the United States to rise from the chaos of colonies to the surplus of superpower. Tobacco has been the subject of epic poetry, the instigator in civil wars, the soother of chronic pain, the pinnacle of industry, the enabler of shamanistic visions, and the murderer of the masses. The saga of tobacco has been gruesome, but the future might be brighter.

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Tales from the Vaping Front Lines: Nifty Tricks I Have Learned Working Production at Mt. Baker Vapor

Nothing gets you familiar with a product like forging it with your hands. As a former production over-timer, I spent most of my waking hours working to get product into your eager hands. From freebies to mixing, to hardware, to packing, to shipping, I’ve done it all. It is at this juncture that I will pass my insider knowledge unto you, the gentle customer.

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