Vaping in the Wilderness: A Survival Guide

There are a million situations in which spontaneity and surprise are fun things. A survival situation is not one of them! The next time you find yourself in a wilderness setting and things go sideways, always remember the tiniest things can provide the biggest benefits! Possibly life-saving benefits, even. That mod in your pocket may just get you by in a wilderness-survivial situation!

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Ted’s Tirade on the FDA: Area Man Furious About Regulations

August the 8th has come and gone. The FDA Deeming Regulations have now passed into law. From the local mom-and-pop shop to the major manufacturers, no one can escape the long reach of the FDA. For the next two years, the scramble is on for the industry survivors. The next two years will prove to be excruciating for some businesses, and some simply won’t survive. But how did we get to this point? Why has vaping been classified as a “tobacco product?” Do they know you can get e liquid with zero nicotine? The biggest question of this legislation is: who benefits from actions taken by the FDA?

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Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Ted M

Hi, my name is Ted M. I’m the newest member of the Mt Baker Vapor Marketing Team! I could be described as a designer, an artist or a visual problem solver. I’m most comfortable with the title of artist but get the most joy from being called dad…or old man. I’ve earned each of my gray hairs!

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