4 Most Outrageously Dumb Pieces of Anti-Vaping Propaganda

Whether you believe that big tobacco, the government, or anti-cigarette groups are behind them, there’s no doubt that anti-vaping propaganda seems to be everywhere these days. While it can be a little annoying, the silver lining is that these publications are unintended comedy gold mines. Here are our favorite pieces of outrageously dumb vaping propaganda.

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Dear Summit: Questions About the Arizona Relocation

Hey vape fans! I’m back again to answer your questions and this week the topic is pretty important. If you haven’t seen yet, on Tuesday we announced that the company will be moving from our home of Bellingham, WA to a new location in Mesa, AZ. The outpouring of support from the vaping community following the announcement was amazing and we want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and well wishes.

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Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Kenny S’ Story

I started smoking at my first job. I was a busboy and eager to meet everyone I worked with. Hanging out in the alleyway during breaks to share cigs and conversation with the bartenders and cooks seemed like the right thing to do. My use progressed from there. I spent a year at a community college after High School and before heading to University. You could usually find me between classes at the “smoking huts,” chatting, playing guitar, and mingling with the international students (a demographic that truly loved their cigarettes).

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Product Spotlight Video: Kanger Subtank Plus

This week our wonderful demonstrator Grant takes a look at the Kanger Subtank Plus. It’s one of our best sellers and a great option for vapers in need of a high-capacity tank solution.

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