The Weekend Vape Quiz – Part III

All in good fun, take our quiz to set off your weekend!

Welcome to The Weekend Vape Quiz #3!

What is the world’s leading cause of preventable death?
Someone smoking one pack of cigarettes per day spends roughly how much per week?
What celebrity recently snuck vape hits between segments on their show?
The Tobacco Products Directive or (TPD) is a directive of what union of member states?
A recent study conducted revealed that vaping can help with what issue?
The FDA’S Premarket Review of New Tobacco Product or PMTA deadline was recently extended until?
On this date in 1982, Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules laced with what deadly substance claimed the first seven victims in the Chicago area?

Smoking Could Cost You More Than Your Life

Wondering why that lifelong goal of becoming a millionaire feels so unattainable?

If you are a smoker then you may want to take a step back and examine your cigarette expenditure. Because it just so happens that you may have already reached your goal of attaining millionaire baller, Mayweather status. Cha-ching!

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Banned or Restricted? – PART TWO

If you were one of the thousands who visited our site and took our “Banned or Restricted?” quiz, then you probably learned a thing or two about where vaping is banned and or restricted around the world. I have to admit, there were a few countries on the list that had me scratching my head. For example, Brunei, a tiny Asian nation on the island of Borneo, currently bans vaping. I had no idea Brunei had laws in place for vape. Nor did I know Brunei was even a country. I guess we learn something every day. Take part two of our Banned or Restricted quiz and test your vaping knowledge.

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Banned or Restricted? QUIZ PART ONE

The tornado of controversy surrounding the vaping industry is nothing new. While some countries ban the sale of e-cigarettes, but not their possession – other countries ban nicotine containing liquids but not nicotine-free liquids. Yet, with the daily revelation of new research and information, governments are constantly changing their laws surrounding the vaping industry.

Take our quiz below to test your knowledge about whether or not these specified countries have a ban on e-cigarettes, or are just heavily restricted.

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What Does Your Heart Tell You?

According to a 2014 Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center study, piloted by Dr. Konstantinos E. Farsalinos a well-known heart doctor and advocate of vaping for an alternative lifestyle choice to smoking, vaping does not have any measurable effects on the myocardial tissue of the heart.

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Weekend Vape Quiz

Welcome to your Vaping Weekend Quiz

1) Name the country that recently sided with vaping as an alternative to cigarettes?
2) Which proposition, passed in the state of California, applied a 27.3% excise tax to cigars, hookah and electronic cigars?
3) Which of the following has nothing to do with vaping?
4) The Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, is said to have created and patented the first modern e-cigarette why?
5) The first modern-style vaporizer is believed to be created and patented in 1960 by a Korean War veteran named?
6) Irfan Sheikh— the physician of the Mughal emperor Akbar (1152–1605AD) is credited with inventing what?
7) Who’s your favorite and most friendly juice company?

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10 Years in The Pen…. For Your Pen?

Where Will Your Next Trip Take You?

Are you a vaper?

Do you love inhaling and exhaling delicious vape flavored clouds that disintegrate in seconds?

Do you find yourself gripping your KAOS Spectrum mod more than your own precious child’s hand?

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MT BAKER VAPOR — What inspires you?

When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in coastal Texas as a Category 4 hurricane, I received a phone call in the middle of the night from a good friend asking that I pray for him and his family. He was a newlywed at the time and had just moved into his first home. As the storm battered his city and neighborhood, sleep was impossible. Every minute of every day was spent watching the water, hoping against hope that his home would be spared. But then the water came. First it was his small residential street that turned into a river. Then the sidewalks, his lawn and ultimately his driveway. But by good luck, fortune or perhaps simply timing, the levels began to drop just as the water started to creep up his front steps.

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The City of Vaperly Love?

Famously known as the “City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the vape scene in particular, could use a nice big bear hug… or better yet, a break from the levy of taxes imposed by the state legislature last year which has had a detrimental effect on the industry.

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