The Old Japanese Proverb


People often use this saying to make a point about Japan, how it’s hard to be different, and that any deviance is met with resistance.

I am fully convinced that vaping is akin to this nail, sticking up from the rest only to be hammered down due to its deviation from the norm. And due to this relentless pounding (no pun intended) on the part of governmental bodies and big tobacco lobbyist to stifle an industry on the rise, it is our duty as fellow vapors to make sure we continue to disseminate good science concerning vaping.

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Happy Thanksgiving Quiz!

We hope all of our readers have a happy, healthy holiday tomorrow. But first! Have some fun; see if you know the answer to the questions below.

Rumor has it, Roto-Rooter, a plumbing service, has their busiest day on Black Friday. Why do you think this is?
What is the biggest drinking night of the year?
What song was originally written as a Thanksgiving song?
Roughly how many pounds of turkey do Americans consume on Thanksgiving?
What do you call a baby turkey?
Male turkeys, called “toms”, gobble as opposed to female hens which do what?
What causes a person to feel intoxicated after stuffing their face with turkey?

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Sacré Bleu!

“The sultry smoker lighting up on a Parisian café terrace, a staple image for countless French films could soon be a thing of the past if Agnès Buzyn, the country’s health minister goes ahead with plans to ban smoking in movies,” says Rory Mulholland of the Telegraph.

As an avid writer, screenwriter and overall fan of a tantalizing story, there’s a part of me that is at odds with the idea of banning smoking, a very real aspect of life, from French films.

(If only you could see the bemused expression creased across my face.)

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“Don’t Vape Your Health Away”
“The fading vape culture”
“Smoke Screen”
“E-cigarettes with more nicotine may make teens vape more”
“Vaping controversy still hazy”
“School closes bathrooms to combat vaping”

The aforementioned were just some of the headlines trending online today. Article after article of the same stagnant rhetoric disseminated to the masses in order to maintain fear and abate change. While reading, I realized that each author wrote in a way that highlighted the perceived ills of vaping, while completely ignoring the scientific facts.

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To Combat Vaping— California School Closes Bathrooms; Classrooms Get Prettay Shittay!

To all those who took offense to my usage of profanity, my sincerest apologies. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t hold it in. It just came out so effortlessly… no wipe needed.

It comes as no surprise that California, a state which maintains some of the strictest regulations with regard to vaping is making headlines with an El Dorado high school’s decision to shut down school bathrooms in an effort to combat a perceived “vaping issue”.

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Weekend Vape Quiz #7

Have a good weekend vapers!

Welcome to your Weekend Vaping Quiz 7

Which company(ies) does Altria not control management of?
In February of 2014, Nu Mark LLC acquired the E-Vapor business of Green Smoke for how much in cash?
In 1998, 46 states and the 4 largest United States tobacco companies entered in an agreement to settle medical lawsuits against the tobacco industry for the recovery of tobacco-related health- care cost. What was the name of this agreement?
Based on rough data provided by Tobacco Atlas, a subset of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’s Intergovernmental Negotiating Body, how many cigarettes were smoked worldwide in 2014?
How many Popes of the Catholic Church have come before Pope Francis?
What nation consumes more cigarettes than all other low and middle— income nations combined?
Where does the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church hail from?

The ARMAGEDDON could very well be upon us!

The last great battle between vape shops and big tobacco, or what I like to refer to as the battle of “good versus evil” may not have begun outright just yet, but a very subtle disturbance in the water tells us that there is some major churning happening beneath the surface… a lot more on this later.

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What’s UNDER Your Bottle?

… A brief addendum to “What’s in Your Bottle?”

In light of some recent confusion surrounding a blog post detailing the heavy metal antimony, which is used in the production of Polyethylene terephthalate, often abbreviated as PET, I felt some clarification was needed on which types of plastics are deemed, “food safe.”

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Weekend Vaping Quiz – Part 6

Welcome to the Weekend Vaping Quiz 6

1) Recently, a vape shop in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, was raided for allegedly engaging in what activity?
2) What is the name of the heavy metal used as a catalyst in the production of polyethylene terephthalate, often abbreviated as PET?
3) In what year was Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) patented?
4) By 2030, the CDC estimates that if current trends continue, tobacco use will cause more than how many annual deaths?
5) Mt Baker Vapor recently “opened the flood gates” and did what?
6) Which of the following is not a type of plastic?
7) Would you rather be massaged by Wolverine's claws or Thor’s hammer? Why?