The British Are Coming!

“THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING!” shouted Paul Revere in 1775 as he galloped through the streets of Concord, Massachusetts, warning unsuspecting colonist of the impending danger that awaited them. Had it not been for Revere’s daring midnight ride, the Colonial forces would have surely met a severe thumping.

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Monday Memories From Mt Baker Vapor

Happy tenth of July everyone!

Yes, I know. It’s true. Happy tenth of July doesn’t roll off the tongue the way Happy Fourth of July, Happy New Year or a delicious vape juice from Mt Baker Vapor, does. Nevertheless, today is still the tenth of July. And for all you radical vapers out there, know that today is the 191st day of the year and the 40th day of summer. Silver is the days’ lucky color and Pearl is the days’ birthstone. John Calvin, Nikola Tesla and yup, you guessed it—Jessica Simpson, were all born on this day.

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Prop 56: California’s New State Excise Tax Is Here

November 8, 2016- the day California’s Prop 56 was approved.  

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