Propylene Glycol – Germs Worst Nightmare?

Did you know – in 1942, Dr. Oswald Hope Robertson conducted a study to see how the inhalation of propylene glycol affected mice? Within this study, Dr. Robertson advised,

“The propylene glycol itself was a potent germicide. One part of glycol in 2,000,000 parts of air would – within a few seconds – kill concentrations of air-suspended pneumococci, streptococci, and other bacteria numbering millions to the cubic foot.”

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ECC Ontario Details

It’s trade show time! The 5th annual Electronic Cigarette Convention in Ontario, California will be held this weekend August 25th-27th at the Ontario Convention Center.  If you are attending, interested in attending, or just want to know more about what ECC is, please direct your attention to the information below.

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Happy 10th Birthday Hashtag!

Man! 10 years?! I’m getting old. That’s right folks, the Hashtag as we know it is a decade old today. Twitter itself was founded in March 2006, while the hashtag actually originated from an avid user named Chris Messina. Chris had been attending a technology conference called Bar Camp; he was focusing on finding a way for people on Twitter to be able to find information about one particular subject as easily as possible.

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Vape A Vet Awareness

Have you heard of The Vape A Vet Project? Founded in 2013, this 501c3 organization has provided vaping materials to our service men and women across the world at little/no cost to these brave individuals. The founder of Vape A Vet was a smoker of 15 years who made the switch to e-cigarettes and wanted to help active duty/veteran military members pursue an alternative lifestyle change as well.

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Positive Input on Our Summit Line

Our Summit Line launched on July 24th.  It has been 2 weeks and 3 days – so far we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from customers – and some improvement opportunities as well. Wondering what the Summit Line is before we continue?

Read our launch blog here.

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Top 20 Best Reviews About MBV Juice

With the release of our Summit Line at play, we have taken a fine-tooth comb through the reviews left on our website for our top 5 most sold flavors. We wanted to see the positive and negative comments left by our valued customers so that we can continue on our journey back to our roots of 100% customer satisfaction.

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