Weekend Vape Quiz #8

Welcome to the 8th installment of our weekend vaping quizzes. Enjoy!

What year were electronic cigarettes invented?
How much is the worldwide e-cigarette market worth (USD)?
What country manufactures 95% of the world's e-cigarettes?
What is the largest demographic of vapers?
In what year was "Vape" the Oxford English Dictionary's "Word of the Year"?
Why might someone prefer to use a VG based e-liquid instead of a PG based e-liquid?
Would you rather?

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Stoptober. Should The Effort be Year-Long?

Ever since 2012, the U.K. has held a smoking cessation crusade during the month of October. Appropriately, they refer to it as, “Stoptober.” This year, the organizers of the campaign included electronic cigarettes as part of their advertisements and promotions, for the very first time. This comes with what we had written about a couple months back – the U.K. has released official statements recommending vaping as an alternative to smoking. More about that here.

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The Best Throwback Thursday we Could Think of…

You may have seen on our social channels or in our newsletter that we are now offering every single one of our current flavors in several nicotine levels, blends, and sizes. Here is a comprehensive, easily referenced list of exactly WHAT we offer now – and how much you can expect to pay.

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Oral Health After Making The Switch

It goes without saying that smoking traditional cigarettes isn’t exactly great for your oral health. What about vaping? There was a study done in Italy which evaluated smokers turned vapers to see specifically how their oral health was affected in the transition and aftermath.

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What’s Your Vape of Choice?

We’ve decided to mix it up a little bit – we are looking for you to share your stories! Did you quit smoking and turn to vaping? What was your very first mod or e-cigarette when you started vaping? Do you still use it? What do/did you like about it?

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Are You a Considerate Vaper?

As a vaper, (especially one who has quit smoking with vaping), it is very easy to get excited about vaping… everywhere, all the time, even in places we maybe, probably shouldn’t. With today’s vapers being under a constant microscope, legislators looking for any reason to impose more taxes, or enact a ban altogether – it is probably best we practice our manners and make sure we aren’t committing any faux pas when it comes to how, when and where we vape.

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