A Light in the Dark: Positivity in 2016

It is no secret that 2016 was unequivocally one of the most tumultuous years in the history of vaping. Between stark federal regulations sending a shockwave of negativity that reverberated throughout the industry, to the whack-a-mole-esque appearance of various crippling state regulations, it’s been a tough year. It seems that no matter where you turn, the vaping industry is facing political chastisement at every corner. As the year comes  to a close, Mt. Baker Vapor wants to shine light on positivity, in an effort to illustrate that all is not lost.

As Thomas Jefferson famously said,

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of the day.”

Let’s turn our attention to some positive articles found throughout the web!

Note: the opinions expressed in the following articles are the opinions of the respective authors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Mt. Baker Vapor LLC, and/or any/all contributors.

Safer to Puff, E-Cigarettes Can’t Shake Their Reputation as a Menance”

by Sabrina Tavernise, Nov 1 2016, www.nytimes.com

One of the largest publications in the US today, the New York Times, came out with a riveting pro-vaping article. To see a publication ingrained in American culture and media as deeply as the Times shed even a modicum of positivity on vaping is shocking, to say the least. One line sticks out in particular:

A growing number of scientists and policy makers say the relentless portrayal of e-cigarettes as a public health menace, however well intentioned, is a profound disservice to the 40 million American smokers who could benefit from the devices.”

The divide is polarizing; the cognitive dissonance felt throughout policymakers and scientists on whether or not they’re cutting off an arm to save a finger, speaks volumes.

“Virginia Beach Named Best City for Vaping”

by Mariah Pohl, November 18th 2016, www.southsidedaily.com

Here we have a lovely article on a recent report that pegged Virginia Beach as the best city in the US for vaping. With respect to tax regulations, environmental prohibition, and access to public health information, this report concluded that Virginia Beach is unanimously the strongest pro-vaping city. It is endearing to see a city and its officials take such a conscious, informed stance on vaping, and whether or not it is truly detrimental to the populace. Community personified, states across the board can take note to unify so strongly against oppressive regulation and government pushback.

“Are People Dying Because Vaping Is Being Demonized?”

Jesse Singal, November 2nd, www.nymag.com

Another sensational article illuminating the fear that over-regulation and heavy-handed tactics are creating an indiscernible rift preventing smokers from making the switch, Jesse Singal at New York Magazine hits a home run with this piece. Examining the issue of whether or not electronic cigarette use is beneficial as a cessation device, articles like this do what any good writer aspires to do: encourage an audience to think and formulate an opinion of their own. The end of the article closes with a profound statement,

Because they’re scared of a relatively safe trip down the stairs, a lot of people are jumping out of windows needlessly.

I couldn’t say it any better.

It is, without question, that though the shadow cast on our industry is titanic in size, accompanied by an air of depravity and turpitude nature, that a spark of positivity exists and refuses to be enveloped in this dark embrace. As the year tapers down, let’s go into 2017 with a positive outlook, and always remember, to never stop fighting for your right to vape!

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13 thoughts on “A Light in the Dark: Positivity in 2016

  1. I love to hear positive things about vaping.I’m hoping with the new President maybe things will change for vaping and our country in general.

  2. My husband started smoking at 15.He has tried many times to quit smoking but never could do it. I started at 21, I never could shake the habit either.Then in June I was given a set of iTaste 3vv and we stopped that day ! We started at 18% now we are down to 3% and feel great! No more coughing up a lung,no more pains in our back and we smell great ! We are now in our mid 50’s and I wish E Cigs were around years ago.They really do the trick, I wish the Government would stay out of them because they will mess this up for the people who need it !

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