Was It Worth The 99 Year Wait?

June 8th, 1918.

A few months short of a century has passed since the last time a total solar eclipse was visible across the entire contiguous United States. Surely, I wasn’t alive then. Or anyone else in my close circle for the matter. The most recent total eclipse visible in just parts of the US; Hawaii and certain areas of Mexico to be exact, took place some 39 years ago, on July 11, 1979.

The days, weeks and months leading up to today’s total eclipse had Americans scrambling for the best views possible. Rooms on Airbnb, hotels, motels, residential homes and even front lawns situated in the direct “Path of Totality” were scooped up by eclipse-crazed men and women willing to pay prices as high as $10,000 per day just to view this fleeting sight.

The eclipse is only a complete black-out for certain cities. Basically, you have to be in the “bull’s eye” center of the shadow of the moon in order to see the full effect, or rather, the full totality.

Without getting too scientific, we want to know which of you caught the eclipse? Was it worth the 99-year wait? Geographic location will most likely play a significant factor in your valuation of worth, but nevertheless, share your experience with us. We’d love to know!

As for me,

I was expecting more to be honest. Perhaps, I should have done more research, thus my anticipation would have been met with a more realistic idea.

The moons trajectory in front of the sun started at roughly 9:13am Arizona time, peaked at roughly 10:33am, and ended around noontime. Myself and some of the Mt Baker Vapor team members ventured out back at around 10:27am. The facilities manager was already outside, looking through a contraption made up of two pairs of welder’s goggles. We had all forgot our glasses which turned out to be okay. The high-rated welder’s glasses offered us a better view of the partial, anticlimactic eclipse than glasses would have.

That’s my take. A bit overhyped but nonetheless a cool experience.

Tell us yours.

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