Making The Switch: 5 Celebrities Who Did it

It’s no secret that many former smokers have been able to quit their habit, and remain cigarette-free by switching the way they ingest their nicotine: e-cigarettes. This includes many celebrities and even congressmen. A lot of celebrities attempt to use their overly publicized platform to spread an agenda – maybe even multiple agendas – whether that be political, charitable, or just over-all life and wellness tips. Making the switch from cigarettes to vaping is no exception – and here are 5 celebrities who aren’t afraid to show the world they’ve kicked the habit.

  1. Dave Chappelle.
    • On December 31st, 2017, Netflix released another Dave Chappelle stand-up comedy special for our viewing pleasure. If you know anything about him, you know that he usually is on stage with a constantly lit cigarette that he will periodically take drags from while he talks to his audience. This time around though, it looks like he is sporting a Juul (though, I may be wrong about the device type) and has ditched his cigarettes for a different nicotine source. Mr. Chappelle has not gone on record to indicate he has officially switched from cigarettes to vaping, but utilizing the device during his recorded show is a loud statement to those of us who partake in his stand-up – and it is a noticeable enhancement to his on-stage presence. Bravo, Dave.
  2. Katherine Heigl.
    • Probably one of the first celebrities to come out and endorse vaping to quit smoking is Katherine Heigl. She appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman sometime in 2010 and advised Mr. Letterman that she had previously tried everything under the sun to kick her cigarette habit – and vaping is the only thing that stuck. She even somehow coaxed the show host to take a puff. See the full clip here, for yourself. Since we don’t see much of her in the media anymore these days, we genuinely hope vaping has helped her keep away from traditional cigarettes – and maybe, she has even upgraded her mod a couple times since then.
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio.
    • While Leo has never come on the record as an exclusive user of e-cigarettes as a means to quit smoking cigarettes – the proof is in the pudding. Since 2015, he has not been spotted with a cigarette in his mouth, yet proudly puffs on his e-cigarettes at largely attended (and viewed) public events (such as The SAG Awards, Cinema Against Aids Gala, US Open, and more). He has come under fire by environmentalists in the past for being such a positive force for saving the environment, yet still partaking in traditional cigarettes. Perhaps this is what influenced his switch to vaping? Maybe one day, he will come forth and let us all know how he came to kicking his decades-long smoking habit, and giving the vape life a try.
  4. Simon Cowell.
    • The X Factor and American Idol judge has spoken many times previously about his “80-a-day” habit, but since 2016, it seems he has been using an e-cigarette to help him quit. He has a young son who he already refused to smoke around, but he wanted to take it one step further by cutting out the smell, and all the other negative side effects of a multiple-pack cigarette smoking habit. Mr. Cowell went on record with The Sun and discussed his need to quit, as well as why he chose vaping as his means to get there (psst, it was the flavor choices). Kudos, Simon!
  5. Johnny Depp.
    • The typically private actor has been seen several times in the last few years with an e-cigarette device in hand. It’s pretty common knowledge that Mr. Depp has smoked in his personal life throughout the years; however, he hasn’t been seen with a cigarette out in public much lately. He has, however, been spotted using a vape pen as well as a box mod, and his character in the movie The Tourist was a vaping advocate and there is a good chunk of screen time dedicated to this within that film. Check it out here. No matter if Johnny hasn’t come on the record to discuss quitting smoking and switching to vaping, we commend him for giving it a try!

We know there are many other public figures who have used vaping as a means to quit smoking. Who are your favorites?

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