19th Vaping Quiz – Monday Edition

Welcome to the 19th Vaping Quiz! We’ve survived another weekend and we’re back at it on this fine Monday. If you’ve been reading our blogs this past week, you should be able to pass this quiz with flying colors! Have fun!

19th Vaping Quiz

After a 10-year legal battle over enforcement of a 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement, North Dakota will receive an immediate payment of how much money?

The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement or MSA, as it is otherwise known, was a result of countless ___________ beginning in the 1950s.

What four companies make up the original participating manufacturers of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement?

The Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is a textured-grid pattern tank device created by what company?

In order to prevent back pressure, the FireLuke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank comes equipped with what?

Oatmeal cookies evolved from what type of flatbread?

According to Mother Nature Network, which ingredients were added to oatmeal cookie for added flavor?

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