The 18th Monday Vaping Quiz

Happy Monday, vapers! First of all, here we are again. Might as well make use of your Monday by testing your knowledge! Look below to take our 18th Monday vaping quiz. If you’ve been reading our blogs for the past week, this quiz will probably be a breeze for you. Good luck and have a great week! Especially relevant: last week’s quiz.

The 18th Monday Vaping Quiz

According to News WeekBusiness InsiderMedical News Today and a flock of other media outlets, which toxic heavy metals were purportedly found leaking from e-cigarettes into e-juice?

What school of public health released a study linking toxic heavy metals to e-cigarettes?

What is the name of the renowned tobacco control expert that has spent the last several years rebuking poorly designed vaping studies, including the one recently released from the school referenced above?

According to the CDC, roughly 9 million Americans use what on a regular basis?

To help smokers quit, which health organization suggested that smokers be encouraged to switch to the least harmful form of tobacco product possible suggesting switching to the exclusive use of e-cigarettes is preferred over continued combustible cigarette use?

What is the name of the stylish, new all-in-one pen-style vaping device from Joyetech?

The name of the sweet and delectably delicious Gwar E-Liquid flavor that is spelled incorrectly?

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1 thought on “The 18th Monday Vaping Quiz

  1. i want to know more about the “reported” toxicities found leaking from coils into e-juice! If this is a legit truthful research, then I am very concerned for my health and would like to know exactly what coils they tested their research on. They need to provide extreme details!

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