15 Things Only Vapers Know About

Vaping has given us a unique and dynamic subculture. Who could’ve dreamed up the cloud competitions, insane builds, insanely powerful mods, and vaping celebrities in the early 2000s? From this community, we’ve compiled a list of 15 things only vapers know about.

1. The Joy of Indoor Vaping

iStock_000090176219_LargeIndoor vaping is a luxury vapers know well. Watching a movie, reading a book, writing blogs at the last minute, and staying out of the hellish Arizona heat are all perks of vaping indoors. The smell is sweet, and the vapor clears in a matter of minutes (depending on how hard you vape).

2. Saving Money on Nicotine



This one comes with a bit of an asterisk. You can save money on nicotine, but many vapers go hard. If you’re conservative when it comes to hardware purchases, use DIY materials, buy in bulk, and buy affordable e-juice from Mt Baker Vapor, you can get your nicotine fix at a fraction of the price of cigarettes! Vapers know how to save big on nicotine.

3. The Love Between the Vaper and the Hardware

Mt Baker Vapor Mini Volt Couch


Vapers know the sentimental feelings about vaping hardware. Whether it’s the newest, sexiest RTA, or that old, faithful mod that just won’t quit, vapers get extremely attached to their hardware. I’ve never seen it, but I’m sure someone out their has written a love poem to their mod.

4. Electrical Expertise

best vaping infographics


Vapers know an eerie amount about electricity. Ohms, volts, milliamp hours, metal composites, conductivity, current regulation… You may think your vaping friend has a degree in electrical engineering. They don’t.

5. The Agony of Dry Hits

Depression and Sorrow


Oh, the pain! Oh, the pit of it all! There isn’t a vaper alive that hasn’t tasted the cruel plume of hate that springs from a dry coil. On the plus side, you occasionally catch a glimpse at a hilarious “stank face” when your friend dry-hits his or her mod.

6. There’s Never Enough Battery Life

Series of a business executive in suit with battery indicator to show his energy level, from fully charged to drained and exhausted. Conceptual vector cartoon illustration isolated on grey background.

If you’ve ever owned any gadget ever, this is no surprise. Every battery dies before its time, and I’ve known vapers to carry three to five charged 18650 batteries on their person, just in case. If you pack this kind of heat, make sure the batteries are in a safe case. Battery safety is critical.

Keep spare batteries, keep them safe, never loan them to anybody… Vapers know these golden rules well.

7. Tremendous Collection of Weird Accessories

electronic measuring instruments

Non-vapers look upon the accessory collections of a vaper and see the hoardings of a lunatic. Tiny screwdrivers, warped strips of Kanthal, o-rings, antiquated vape holsters, an arsenal of little glass bottles… Doc Brown’s lab in Back To The Future seems sensible by comparison.

A bit of advice: never question a vaper on why they have something, just let it be. Also, don’t touch anything.

8. State Governments and Crazy Legislation



Want to hear a rant? Say the words “government regulation” to a vaper. A vape enthusiast will froth at the mouth and go on a tirade the length of a Ken Burns documentary. Other triggers: “Master Settlement Agreement,” “deeming rule,” “the State of Utah,” and “Jay Inslee.”

9. The Definition of “Tootlepoofer”


This may sound like a slur uttered by a convict on HBO’s OZ, but there’s nothing offensive about tootlepoofing. It just means a vaper who enjoys tight little draws from low-powered equipment, usually at higher nicotine levels. In the right context, this term could be offensive, I suppose.

10. The Pain of Running Low on E-Juice



When the sun shines, you make hay. In lean times, you eat the hay. Like a big, sad horse. When you run low on e-juice, you enter a state of panic. When you run out, you may spiral into a glacial depression. Stay stocked, and keep those wicks saturated. For sanity’s sake.

11. Boroque Coil-Building

Untitled-7The internet is a strange place. You can find mountains of coil pictures on Instagram that don’t even look like coils. The time and effort put into coil construction is awe-inspiring. Vapers know way too much about coils.

12.  Ridiculously Strong Opinions about Flavor

Portrait of a casual man covering his nose and showing stop gesture with palm isolated on a white background



Ever think someone could describe what they hate about peach flavor for a half hour? How about the subtle differences between menthol and mint? A vaper can list their full flavor profile in enough detail to make you rip your skin off.

Note: the pickier a vaper is about their e-juice, the worse their taste in food and drink is. Science has yet to explain this phenomenon.

13. Scorn from Smokers



Vapers know the leer of smokers and non-vapers. It’s a combination of horror and malice, usually reserved for cockroaches and miniature dogs carried in purses. Some smokers say they prefer the “real thing,” some say they could quit cold turkey (if they wanted to), while some quote ludicrous “studies.”

Just grin and bear it. Chances are, they’ll be joining us soon enough.

14. The Christmas Feeling from Vape Mail



I’ve known vapers to stare out the window in anticipation of their postman. Like a child, or a deranged cat. On the flip side of their jubilant anticipation is a sinister rage when their vape mail is late. Imagine if Christmas came a few days late: children would burn this civilization to the ground. The same goes for vape mail delays. Full-grown adults will revert to their primitive brain if USPS makes an error.

15. It’s More than a Habit

Vaping is a hobby, a lifestyle, a distraction, a political hot-button, a scientific innovation, a culture, a…. you get the picture. Vaping is many things. Smokers tend to have a begrudged resentment for their cigarettes; a love/hate relationship. Vapers I know have more of a love/love relationship with vaping.



Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

54 thoughts on “15 Things Only Vapers Know About

    1. I haven’t laughed out loud to anything I’ve read in a while. I really needed that. The “stank face” line about dry hits got me good. Also your so right i could never go down in power now, drippin is my passion no matter how much it gets on the old lady’s nerves.

  1. Yess, all these are true. From the highs and lows of the vamping experience. I started as a “tootlepoofer,” as horrendous as it sounds, before it was even a term haha. Now vaping for health it feels like the dark times are behind us.

  2. I” tootlepoofed ” for about two weeks. Then moved up to a coolfire4 with an iclear,then a supertank,too a evic vtc mini. Within two months of vaping I was chuckin clouds with a snow wolf 200 an a volocity RDA . So ya one does not go back. Great articles had not laughed that hard in a while. You know what they say the true shhh is the funny shhh.

  3. In Queensland Australia, we have the Queensland Cancer Council. I have just read their rant against E- cigs and calling for them to be banned. I wonder how much of their funding comes from the tobacco companies. I am biased as two & a half years ago, vaping dramatically changed my life for the better.

    1. There are companies worldwide that go from hating the vape industry to think it is a great thing. Nottingham hospitals are one of these. They banned them and now see they can help people so they unbanned them and recommend them. It is very interesting to see how people begin to educate themselves and change their mind.

    2. Thats exactly right. I have been saying that for a while now that the so called “Cancer Council” mut be funded by tobacco companies. It is the only way to make sense of their argument against e-cigs. Like you and many others, my life was saved by e-cigs from dreaded cancer causing tobacco. I thank god for vaping. Also I noticed that even though I add nicotine to my fluids, the addiciton is no where near as strong as it was with tobacco. I can “not vape” all day and it doesnt worry me, where as with tobacco I was unable to go without a smoke after 30 mins let alone an hour. 2 hours was un-heard of ! Also what you have mentioned is why I keep a stock pile of liquid nictotine for just in case Australia’s “bans” vaping like Australia bans everything.. the great Nanny state !.. At least I will be able to keep on vaping nicotine for quite some time after any ban before I have to worry about getting new stock. Queensland has already banned vaping from public places the same as cigaretts. So I am expecting next the Gov wiill most likely introduce a large tax the same as tobacco or just ban it. One or the other is coming for sure.

      1. I always have juice on hand 😀 Is it a flavor I liked? Not always but I have it 😛 Hopefully Australia does not ban it. People around the world are educating themselves and changing their views on vaping. Hopefully, more will become educated and this will change people’s thoughts.

    3. I’m right there with ya, Ken. I tend to think Big Pharma is the biggest instigator of bad (and untrue!) news about vaping. We are causing them millions in losses from people choosing this healthy, effective way to quit cigarettes. Then we take a big shot at their bottom line by greatly reducing the number of people who would otherwise be spending billions on cancer drugs. The plan was perfect until vaping came along. The patch, the gum, the drugs are embarrassingly ineffective at reducing the urge to smoke and you need a second mortgage to afford them. When they fail, eventually many of us would face cancer. There’s where Big Pharma’s huge profits come in. I’m sure the tobacco companies are happy to throw a few lobbyists toward the cause as well. In the USA, pharmaceutical lobbyists make the rules. Practically undisputed.

  4. That was a great read. Particularly made me laugh was the sinister monster from late Vape mail 🙂 been there done that LMAO

  5. Unfortunately, the words “government regulation” are not going to go away. While many vapers had their heads ‘in the clouds’ of vaping and electricity and coils, the government has been working up sweeping reforms. Many vapers chose to ignore that nasty aspect of vaping but will soon have to live with it. Please please please pick an organization (or two) and get involved in fighting for less stringent ‘government intervention and unfair taxation’ before the rules and regulations make it almost impossible to obtain gear and juice as you do today!

  6. “Tootlepoofing” we all began as a “Tootlepoofer”, but as the world turns, on to BIGGER and Better. Thank you Tootlepoofing! I owe my Better health to you…

  7. Tootlepoofer and proud of it! You big, bad modders aren’t all THAT and a bottle of Hawk Sauce. 😀
    *clutches her matte purple Vision Spinner to her bosom and sashays away*

    Great article. I needed a good yuck (or two) this Monday morning. Well played Sir!

      1. @Josh Hanna –

        …and your comment made ME laugh! “Tootlepoofers are awesome people too” haha Right on!!
        On behalf of all the tootlepoofers, thank you for your support. 😀

        I think I may have just figured out what my next tattoo is going to be. 😉

    1. Oh Deb, too funny! I saw myself all over your comment. I mean, come on, what’s not to love about a gorgeous ego dangling from red lips a la Audrey Hepburn!

      1. @Patty Piazza –

        Right?! It just wouldn’t be seemly for her to be chasing clouds while hitting a mod the size of a billy club, how positively gauche! hahaha
        (Fab mental image!)

  8. I’m an old fart, started vaping January 1 this year to get off cigars. It worked, I went from 8+ good size cigars to vaping without a struggle. I went straight to a Fuchai-200 using 18 mg nicotine. I love all the benifits! (My wife swears she’s bothered by my vapers?)
    I use cigar flavored with as little addition flavor as I can find. I’m sticking with a sub tank, as much as would love to get into building coils and going overboard, I’ve done this with too many hobbies and have thousands invested in something I no longer do.
    Your comment about Goverment Regs is true about everything the Goverment regulates. They feel the American public is too stupid to make to right choices. I’m sure they’ll tax the shit out vaping and ruin all the fun and advantages. Peace

    1. They feel like we are dumb and sometimes we play like we are. The best part is when we prove them wrong and they figure out that we know more than them 🙂 It will take time but we will show them that we mean business and will not stop for anything.

      1. Yes, we have to stand up for all of us. I am a member of CASAA, I did send the letter to our state representatives, got a reply back, a form letter I feel they could careless of what the Vaping Industry does and believes everything the FDA is saying how sad, I feel we aren’t really being represented in a proper way. Please continue to send letters to the government on our feelings about vaping and how much safer they are than cigarettes and how they have changed our lives.

      2. Fact is, they do not want you to stop. They want you to be so in love with vaping you will pay up the tax man when he comes a knocking. If you were vaping spring water, they would find a way to tax that. The government has long arms to slide into your deepest pockets. They are total crooks looking for your greenbacks.

        1. This is very true. I did not think of it that way. Any way they can take a few pennies or dollars from you, they will.

    2. Already started cook county in Illinois taxes about $17.00 on a 30ml bottle of juice. So what used to cost $20-$22.00 now cost about 40.00.

  9. Vapers create quite a market the Regulatoria should be made aware of. From strange picks, prods, tweezers, pliers, wires, meters, heaters, sonic cleaners, storage furnishings, travel bags, fire proofing materials, plastic goods, glass goods, elaborate covering and a myriad of electronic /mechanical gadgets. And to think, my wife thinks I “JUST” vape. So does the Regulatoria!

    1. We do make a lot of different things that come to the market. They will probably want to tax all those except screwdrivers and lanyards 🙂

  10. “tootlepoofing: #vaping with tight little draws from low-powered equipment.” That’s still me, 2¾ years on, but i just call it “puffing”.

    Smoking also has a subculture. They have a good time gathering around the outside ashtray and throwing their butts on the ground lol. People quitting by use of patches and gum or even “cold turkey”, they don’t have a subculture, they go it alone. Vaping is by far the funner, more social way to quit smoking.

  11. Wow hate to be a Debbie downer, and talk smack. Especially since MBV is one of only two shops I order my DIY supplies from. But I got an email saying that this was a new article for this week. But its not,although it is a great article and every vaper should have the chance to enjoy and benefit from the words of this awesome author. But come on guys. I have noticed that there are rarely any new material on the internet about vaping. All I’ve seen fresh are articles about Fda regulations. Please don’t post something as this weeks new stuff. When in reality its old. I posted a comment on this article since last week. Other than this issue, MBV is an amazing Vape Shop.

    1. How would MBV know you’ve already read it? 6 days isn’t really old. I didn’t know about this post till i got an announcement in email today. It still is This Week’s New Post.

  12. New vaper here. Love this article!!! Yes i am a toodlepoofer haha and i can’ t wait to show this article to the bf who started vaping with me when we quit the cigarettes

  13. Never heard about “tootlepoofing” before this. And the last thing on the list is completely true. I love vaping more than I ever did actually smoking

    1. I did not either until Tim mentioned it and I could not stop laughing. I started by “tootlepoofing” lol

  14. Waitn for vape mail is better than Christmas when it arrives, when its delayed the depression kicks in lol good read funny in so true . I always get asked by smokers for a light when they see my clouds then there mad at me when I tell them i don’t smoke.

    1. It really is. I hate waiting lol. I have lit cigarettes for people with my vape. It isn’t the best option but it can be done 😛 O and I do not suggest doing it 🙂

    2. One of my favorite things about vaping. We are now not required to finance other peoples uber expensive habit!

  15. Three year vapor here and I am surprised no one has ever mentioned the satisfaction from vaping, to calm the hand to mouth fixation that vaping satisfies, thus also satisfying the urge to drink every night instead of smoking. Something always had to be in my hand, a glass, a smoke, now my sigelei 213 with the Griffin 25! I now drink only after the week is over and I deserve my Scotch on Friday night (only two drinks a week). I’d go through a 5th of Scotch every 2-3 days, and I lost 40 pounds. Thank you vaping! You saved my liver, my lungs, and my marriage. Now my wife even vapes a Kbox with a Uwell Crown 🙂 Government better keep their grubby hands off of this helpful life changing tool! Happy vaping everyone!

    1. Awesome story! I love hearing when someone has quit smoking and taken up vaping. It is also great that you quit drinking. You are going to be around for a long time now 😉
      We are fighting the government as we speak 🙂 We need to stand together and get these new regulations out of here!

  16. I smoked since I was 14 years old and hated cigarettes for the last ten years. I tried the patch, cold turkey, hypnoses and then Vaping. Vaping worked. It saved my life, I was coughing every morning with cigarettes. Now I can taste my food and smell again. Thank you MBV for all you have done for me.

    1. That is awesome to hear! We know a lot of people try different ways to quit and can’t. That is why we are fighting for vaping and the tobacco companies are fighting us.

  17. I thought of #16:
    Sitting on the John vaping.
    When I smoked cigs this was one of favorite cigs. Now I can have a seat and Vape while thinking or reading 😉

  18. I personally save about $50/month since switching to vaping (excluding the cost of my device) I use an IPV D2 with the aromamizer rdta

    1. I used to buy a pack every other day. That would be roughly 100$ a month. I can spend 50 and be set for the month. I am in the same boat you are with great savings 🙂

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